‘OutDaughtered’: Danielle Busby Writes Heartfelt Love Message To Blayke On Her 8th Birthday

OutDaughtered: Blayke Busby

OutDaughtered fans know that the quints and their big sister Blayke, celebrate their birthdays just days apart. Danielle Busby celebrated April 5, Blayke’s eighth birthday, by writing her a heartfelt love message. Over on her blog, the message of love really shows that one day, Blayke will treasure what her mom said to her. It’s a message where love shines through as Danielle tries to explain her miracle baby.

OutDaughtered message of love stresses Blayke’s selflessness

On her It’s a Buzzworld blog, Danielle talks about how unselfish and perfect Blayke is. After all, being a big sister to five quints can’t always be easy. She penned these words: “…not many little girls could adapt well with having quintuplet sisters…but you amaze me everyday with the motherly love you have for your sisters!” Danielle adds that she believes “God molded [Blayke] just perfectly to be…the big sister [she is].”

Actually, Danielle admits that she never wished that on her daughter. She noted that Blayke reminds her of herself as she perseveres “through the new challenges.” She adds to Blayke, “I love you for that.” Actually, Blayke does take on responsibilities with her little siblings that few other daughters experience. Of course, as the quints grow, so much family time’s dedicated to them, fans of OutDaughtered could think Blayke feels left out of things. However, she maturely helps out with them instead of feeling sorry for herself.


Blayke’s 8th birthday message reminds fans about infertility

In her message to Blayke, Danielle spoke about infertility. Possibly, unless you struggle with wanting kids and can’t have them, people can’t understand. Danielle explains it in a heartfelt way. She wrote, “The journey it took to have her was a long and rough road…over 2 years of infertility. For a couple who had no idea what infertility really was or what it would do to their lives, this challenge hit unexpected and just right out sucked!” But then, Blayke came along and made everything perfect.

Danielle wrote, “You are more than a daughter to me…You are proof that there is a loving and more powerful God that loves us more than I can ever love you.” What a lovely message to her little girl to treasure as she grows into her own womanhood. Fans of OutDaughtered understand when Danielle speaks of how Blayke’s “heart is so full of love.” Plus, the eight-year-old chokes Danielle up because her “soul is filled with so much grace.”

Danielle Busby’s heartfelt love’s a tear-jerker

The rest of Danielle’s letter of love to Blayke contains a beautiful prayer that really is a bit of a tear-jerker: Not from sadness, but because Danielle somehow found the words to express the inexpressible. Have you ever tried to write down your love? It’s not easy to convert emotions into the written word.

What do you think about Blayke turning eight-years-old already? Do you think she’s a caring and loving big sister to the quints? Don’t you think it’s nice that the birthday blog words will always remind Blayke of wonderful memories of her mom’s love?

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