Mama June: Pumpkin And Alana Host Non-Kid-Friendly ‘Pumpkin Shuckin’ Pearl Parties

Mama June: Alana

Mama June: From Not to Hot grew out of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and Alana’s used to the cameras. However, together with Pumpkin, their online Pearl Party on Facebook could very well offend people. Their Pumpkin Shuckin live feeds and follow-up service got a lotta people riled for bad language and poor service. Of course, they also hit millions of loyal fans who don’t seem to mind a young girl apparently being pimped out for cash with foul language as the backdrop.

Mama June’s daughters sell through live ads for Pumpkin Shuckin’

Mama June Shannon’s fans love that she lost weight and tried to make something of herself. However, for many people, concerns grow over Alana. In fact, the latest Not to Hot series screens on WeTV at the moment. Actually, this week fans saw June’s boyfriend Geno arrested for failing probation. Meanwhile, all across the tabloid media in March, we saw June arrested with Geno for alleged possession of drug paraphernalia and cocaine. Geno also faced charges of domestic violence for allegedly threatening to kill June. Fans feel it’s the wrong environment for Alana who’s not yet seen her 14th birthday.

Now, it seems many fans who went to the live Pumpkin Shuckin came away horrified at the bad language and the fact that it seems Alana’s being pimped out to make money. On the main Pumpkin Shuckin website, it doesn’t say who set up the site. The site describes itself as: “I needed to make extra cash and shucking was the perfect way to achieve that goal…We have parties live on Facebook, or however you choose. We sell adorable jewelry and oysters that have beautiful pearls in them…I take pride in my business and my goal is to keep each and everyone one of my customers completely satisfied with their purchase.”

Screencap Pumpkin Shuckin Facebook
Screencap Pumpkin Shuckin Facebook

Facebook shows Alana and Pumpkin parties non-kid-friendly

Keeping customers satisfied and taking pride in a business is really essential for success, and who’s going to begrudge a Pearl Party online? But, the page’s a hot mess, with background noises filtering through like shouting, swearing, and babies crying. Pumpkin’s not shy to use the F-word or any other kinda cussing while setting up, so maybe your 13-year-old should stay off it.

Sadly for Alana, it’s really obvious that she’s unfamiliar with the products she’s apparently being pimped for. Sometimes, she struggles to read the packaging and is constantly coached by an outta-sight, someone. Mama June’s youngest daughter does still retain some cuteness appeal, and despite critics, tens of thousands of people flock to the Pearl Parties. But not all of them stay happy with it.

Screencap Pumpkin Shuckin Facebook
Screencap Pumpkin Shuckin Facebook

Reviews of Pumpkin Shuckin Facebook watch party

Mama June and Honey Boo Boo followers who reviewed the parties left plenty of negative notes. Here’s what some of them said about it:

  • “I [tried] to ask a question 7 times and they would not answer! All [I] Heard was bad words and made me sick to watch them! Customer service is so bad! I could only watch 5 minutes.”
  • “I can’t believe yall would sit back and condone a kid cursing. It’s trashy for a kid to curse and act like they are grown. Poor child has no hopes of a good future.”
  • “If you ask questions they ignore you and they use very foul foul language. Not A kid-friendly page.”
  • “If you have children watching be aware, [the] show is not kid friendly. I couldn’t get past the foul language every other word. Her daughter even repeated her. Very unprofessional and was distracting. Really couldn’t make out how to even order or what was going on by all the cursing.”
  • “Very bad language out of a child! Couldn’t watch more [than] 5 minutes it’s outrageous the cursing and ignorance in the video I just saw. Pumpkin cussing at Alana the whole video”

Of course, there always are those who love their reality TV favorites, no matter what. As this fan said, “Pumpkin sorry to bother you my little girl Selena would love it if you said Hi To here. She would scream.”

What do you think about Mama June’s girls hosting their Pumpkin Shuckin‘ Pearl Parties? Do you think it’s a poor show using Alana to sell products? Do you think the cussing makes for a kid-friendly environment? Shout out your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Oh don’t get me started of their pimp/agent, Gina Rodriguez. Anybody she represents, hawks the same trash and has the same sponsors. She will have Alana selling flowers on a freeway offramp if her cut is enough to get her money grubbing hands on MORE money for herself. It’s a damn shame that this lady is in their lives. This is publicly and obviously a family in peril at this time and their agent is making money hand over fist off of their misery. I wonder if she has even realized yet that her underage “client” is on IG LIVE in the middle of the night with hundreds of strangers talking to her. It seems there is nobody watching over this little kid… Damn shame what money does to some people’s lives…..

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