‘LPBW’ Premiere Episode: Fans Disappointed With Tori and Zach Roloff

LPBW: Tori Roloff

Little People, Big World (LPBW) premiered April 2 and across social media reactions were mixed. Jackson Roloff’s first birthday rolled around and Tori and Zach Roloff started preparing to the big event. Titled Happy Birthday, Jackson pretty much saved the day in a somewhat disappointing episode.

LPBW Fans disappointed with Tori and Zach bickering

The show, meant to kick off with a sweet celebration for Jackson, ended up with the one-year-old as the highlight of the day. As for the rest of the family? Well, fans just felt the whole thing fell flat with Tori and Zach bickering. Actually, the bickering started before the party as Zach and Tori went to buy what they needed. Zach and Tori disagreed with what they should spend.

Tori complained to the cameras, saying “We bicker when I try to tell Zachary something about the house, money, building something. But then Zachary every time he tries to talk about food, Jackson or clothes… anything that’s in my realm we argue.” Okay, we get it, life’s not perfect, but fans seem fed up with it on the LPBW show. On money matters, we saw a history of bickering between Amy and Matt Roloff. Now, fighting over money seems to have infected the next generation.

Zach making the mistakes of his father Matt?

Fans who watched Little People, Big World over the years recall that Matt often made spending decisions that Amy disagreed with. The constant bickering between the couple actually split their fans who remain implacable enemies on social media to this day. Finally, the divorce split them even more. However, one thing that fans liked glued them to the idea of the new LPBW season. That was the fun of anticipating watching fan-favorites Zach and Tori raise their charming baby, Jackson.

Instead, disappointed fans felt that Zach’s changed in the last year. Some fans mentioned they found it disturbing that he seems to follow the mistakes his father made. The whole argument started over money because Zach took out a new mortgage before selling the first property. Money’s tight, tension’s high, but hey, fans all know TLC leans towards tension and drama to keep the show going. Frankly, judging from fan comments, perhaps the LPBW show should have angled Tori and Zach’s story in a different way.

Fans talk about Tori and Zach Roloff on Instagram and Twitter

Most people this year said they just want to watch the new season for Tori, Zach, and baby Jackson. After all the years of drama between a bitter Amy and Matt, everyone looked to a story of a pleasant young couple and their special baby. Instead, they got bickering and bitterness. Here’s what some LPBW fans said about it on Twitter and Instagram:

  • IG – @kind**: “30 mins in and I’m done😢 you and Amy…arguing and now Zach and tori bickering ALL the time- not enjoying anymore 😢”
  • @nan**: “#LPBW getting tired of all the bickering.”
  • @Chea**: “What happened to Tori and Zach? They’re turning into Amy and Matt. #LPBW.”
  • @MJ**: “Watching Zach and Tori is extremely depressing. #LPBW.”

What do you think about fans of Little People, Big World feeling disappointed with Tori and Zach Roloff? Did Matt and Amy disappoint you as it looks like they’re set for an eternity of bickering again? Was Jackson the only bright spot in the episode? Have your say in the comments below.

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  1. Love zack and tori so they argue, no big deal.People seem to forget these are “two real life people “who have invited us into their lifes,so if you can’t take the good with the negative then don’t watch,for me it shows their struggles are just like the rest of us. Love this beautiful family. Mj

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