‘When Calls the Heart’ Spoilers: Details Of Episodes We Missed So Far In Season 6

When Calls the Heart Season 6

When Calls the Heart Season 6 is on hiatus following the arrest of Lori Loughlin who played the role of Abigail Stanton. Even if she were found not guilty of wire fraud in the college admissions scandal, Hallmark won’t bring her back. Hearties only saw three episodes of the new season before her arrest and Hallmark’s subsequent hiatus of the show.  Today, March 31, marks the third Sunday we’ll probably miss an episode.

When Calls the Heart episodes on indefinite hiatus

Fans of When Calls the Heart obviously worried that Hallmark would shut down the whole thing. However, on social media, Brian Bird and other executives assured them that the show would still go on. In the various groups for the show, fans speculate on whether the character of Abigal gets recast or just written out the show. Mind you, most fans only feel some relief that efforts to keep the show going continue.

Nobody’s sure when we’ll see the remainder of the re-tooled season. Obviously shooting new bits and pieces or even editing existing episodes takes time. In the meantime, details of what we should have seen help us imagine Season 6 of WCTH in the original format. Seven episodes, the last of which should have shown next week come with their synopsis details on Google.

First episode we never saw on When Calls the Heart

March 10, we saw the third episode of the show which showed the intimidated judge releasing two gunrunners. Bill got some people to help him chase after them. We saw Abigail getting into it with Lucas over the hours of the tavern. That’s significantly the last any of us see her, IBT reminds us. Plus, fans of Carson and Faith saw them weighing up their relationship.

March 17 never arrived with episode 4 of When Calls the Heart. In that episode, the synopsis tells us that Heart Of A Mountie introduced Nathan, the new Mountie. He and Bill straight away get to work on Lee’s stolen payroll. Meanwhile, over at the school, a debate becomes heated and splits a few friends. Fans of Carson and Faith will be happy to know they don’t split but decide to “keep their romance a secret.”

Episodes 5 and 6 of Season 6

Episode five of the WCTH show is titled as Surprise. The synopsis reads, “Elizabeth confronts Nathan about his parenting style. Bill is offered a judgeship but is unsure if he wants to take it. Rosemary hosts a girls-only night while Faith and Carson’s romance blooms. Jesse finds surface oil, but can’t afford to drill.” No mention of Abigail there, so maybe Hallmark can edit that one a bit.

Episode 6 which we should have seen today, March 31, came with the title, Disputing Hearts. Unless they recast Abigail, this episode may not feature too much of the original content in the future. The synopsis says that “Abigail must settle a dispute among the landowners.” It comes after “Gowen strikes oil, which splits Hope Valley into the haves and have-nots.” Meanwhile, “Elizabeth must quell Cody’s jealousy when Robert’s family comes into money.” Plus, “Nathan urges Bill to re-examine judgeship offer.”

When Calls the Heart season 6 ep 6
When Calls the Heart season 6 ep 6

Next Sunday, April 7’s WCTH Episode

Episode 7, titled Hope is With the Heart, would have only screened next week on April 7. The synopsis for that also shows that Abigail enters the story as she “reunited with an old flame.” Plus, trying to stay on Elizabeth’s good side, Lucas sets up a library for the town. Meanwhile, “Alie tricks Harper, Robert, and Opal into believing the town has a haunted house. We finally see Bill conducting his first trial as he’s now a judge.

So, that’s what we missed so far, and what we’ll probably miss next week as well. Do you think the showrunners will struggle to edit season 6 of the show? Would you prefer to see Abigail written out completely, or just see her replaced by a new actress? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. If the shows have already been taped then why make viewers who love this show not get to watch and if not then find a replacement as she also played a mother to cody where would that leave him I love this show she did wrong so wrong but show must go on for the cast and viewers

      1. She did wrong ,but play the shows. What about all the other actors and actresses and all the fans? It’s not all about her.

    1. It would be a shame not to show the tapped shows now. You have what 3 to 4 and that will give us a WCTH fans get our fix. In the mean time why don’t you send Abby away and recreate a new character to run the dinner. Please keep Cody he’s a fine actor and a big part of the show.

      1. I would show the ones that are already done and since Abigail has reconnected with an old flame have her leave town with him and start a new life. Unfortunately that will take Cody too.

    2. Sounds like a season of WCTH is eight episodes? Barely two months!! Instead of acting like you care, show the remaining episodes now. Do NOT wait.

      You have a year, literally, before the next season starts! Pull a Bewitched Darren, Recast Abigail and move on already! You said in your story you would not allow her to stay even if she were found not guilty. So get on with it!

    3. Viewers can watch seasons 1-5 of WCTH on Netflix with all the original cast. Season 6 was filmed before the cheating scandal surfaced, so why can’t Hallmark go ahead and broadcast the remaining episodes as filmed? Find a replacement for Lori for season 7.

    4. We should be able to see the full episodes. I personally don’t care if Abigail’s character is in them. Photoshop a different actress if possible. We LOVE the show!

      1. Abigail’s role should be replaced with a new actress. As mayor,mother of Cote and Elizabeth’s support system she is a valuable part of the show. The longer the previously taped shows aren’t aired the more viewers you will loose when it is aired!! All the 100’s of hrs of filming & hard work of the others & the fans who make the show a success shouldn’t be punished for one person’s misjudgements

      2. Please bring the show back. I miss it so much. When Comes the Heart is an excellent show. The other actors shouldn’t be punish because of 1 actor.

        1. Honestly, I think it’s crazy to expect the network to waste time and resources re-shooting episodes around “Abigail’s” character. We are adults and we understand that the story does not reflect the real life of the people that play the characters. I “LOVE” this show & hate to see it potentially damaged by any change that is made to it. I would prefer to see it aired as originally recorded as long as possible.

      1. Well if she is found not guilty and you prejudged her, then i will never watch anything with hallmark in fact i will not buy anything with Hallmark brand because your setting a horrible example to pre judge and bully that goes against everyone is innocent until proven guilty
        Shame on you. Im not even going to watch anymore of this mini series ever again. I know many are just as perturbed and wont be either. Hallmark your not invincible.

        1. Very good! With an employer like Hallmark, who needs enemies?! Hallmark sure does NOT practice what they preach!

        2. I’m thinking the same thing! Hallmark being so judgmental about Lori like they don’t make mistakes. I’m going to discontinue paying for this channel for their shallowness.

      2. Im done watching this show u should of finish the season off then recasted Abigail I’m sure a lot lot of viewers feel the same way

        1. Recast Abigail. The show is so special to so many viewers. We want to keep watching so please let us continue to enjoy this creative story that gives us an insight into what life was like during such an interesting time when everything was changing so rapidly.

  2. This is ridiculous how they haven’t put When Calls the Heart back on TV. I miss it so much. Just replace her. What is the big deal and what is taking so long. So stupid.

  3. Recast her role. Abigail’s character is important to the show. After losing mountie jack, I don’t want to lose another main character so soon. The other characters are strong and will mesh with a new Abigail well, I think.

  4. I feel they should recast the part. We can get used to a new actress easier than getting used to Abigail’s not being there.

  5. I agree…keep Abigail’s part. She has been a rock & main character in this well beloved show. I luved Laurie in the show-so it will be hard shoes to fill. I’m just ready for the show to go on!!!!! The thing I hate the most is it’s not longer like it use to be. 1 hour, REALLY?!! Put our show BACK ON-we’ve already waited a year to see it now!!

  6. I will add,I do have mixed feelings as far as Lori goes…if she’s not found guilty they should let her return. Look at all the show has been thru & how they rise above in any given situation. This is a movie that believes in 2nd chances,that people can change,that they stand behind one another & do believe in people even though it’s not always as they see them at the time,give them time to show who they really are without being judged harshly.(just my feelings) I’m just so ready for the show to be back on tv.

  7. I would prefer Abigail be written off the show. If an old flame was part of unseen episodes it could be written she moved away with him. But her death would allow Cody & Becky tyo remain on the show. A new character (maybe a relative) could come in and inherit the cafe and look after the kids. I have it stuck in my head that Teryl Rothery would be a fantastic addition to the cast and in a role that forms a close relationship with Elizabeth. I’d like to see more storylines with the other widows too.

  8. First, I would like to say that I agree with a previous poster- HallMark is only reinforcing and condoning bullying by their actions. They are very unfair in yanking the series just as it started-after waiting a year for its return, let me add.
    In regards to whether”recast her” or “write her out”; no, she isn’t the whole show, but she was the only woman in the show who would give Elizabeth a chance to fulfill her dream to be a teacher-so she is a very important part of the show(not to mention that she was the one to give Cody and Becky a real chance of being a real family, as well as being there to be a real friend to Henry Gowen, in spite of the numerous times he sought to tarnish her name and reputation and destroy her business). If the were to re Sat her, no matter who they choose, that person would not be able to properly fill her shoes. If you write her out, you solve her situation- but leave who will take care of the duties of Cody and it will be a right fit.(Becky is really not an issue because she left several episodes and seasons ago and the series has gone on without her presence being necessary.) She is the town mayor and that specific role could be played and filled by another.
    Redoing all the episodes that have already been filmed would be both costly and time-consuming(I am sure that HallMark hasn’t been attempting to do this in her absence.). The entire cost of remaking and airing once this is done would be too costly for them to recoup their initial costs-besides many of us fans won’t really bother to watch it anyway-another source of lost revenue.
    I really don’t think HallMark even considered any of these problems when they made their decision without giving us fans the right to be included in the decision making. I guess it all boils down which is more important to them- money over a happy fan base, instead of people/groups who threatened to withdraw their support if they retained Lori Loughlin. A sad commentary.

    1. Absolutely. I am not surprised Hallmark is unable to practice what they preach. It’s show business and it is all about money. Second chances, redemption, foregiveness…

  9. Play the episodes that are already filmed with Abigail, the fans deserve this.Then either write her character out, or recast her with another actress. The show is bigger than anyone character! We’ve already lost our beloved Jack, which was much more emotionally difficult than losing Abigail. We will move on.

  10. If the episodes are already filmed, play them. Lori hasn’t been found guilty of anything yet so why would any of us be offended? Plan to write her off or recast her role in the future if needed. I could go either way. A recast is risky if it’s not the perfect person though. A new central character could liven things up.

    1. I feel the show should be aired replace her or let her leave Hope Valley next season ..its already filmed it’s a great family show ..Yes what she did was wrong and she will be punished

    2. I agree with most of the other posts. Just air what is already taped. Maybe display a disclaimer about the part of Abigail, but don’t cheat us loyal fans from seeing our beloved show. Next year, recast the part of Abigail. The fans deserve the show to go on.

  11. Kill her off or have her leave with her new love interest to start a new journey then bring I, a new actor to be mayor.

  12. Kill her off or have her leave with her new love interest to start a new journey then bring in a new actor to be mayor.

  13. Please just play the show you have and find another actress to play Abigal. Just because of her poor actions don’t let the rest of the crew and your fans suffer

  14. You need sponsors to air a show. There are many legal issues as well. Just not that simple. Hallmark has a brand to protect. If they do not protect the brand then we and they lose it all. It is simple.

  15. I think they should recast her not kill her off. I am not sure the show can handle the death of another major role.

    1. I say kill her off on the way back to Hope Valley. This way at least Cody could be back.on the show and maybe Lee and his wife could adopt him. Henry could be Mayor again if the people forgive him. And hire someone to take over the diner..

  16. I have always thought from the beginning to just recast Lori Loughlin . Her character is important to the story line. No sense punishing the other actors because of Lori’s wrongs. I keep thinking of the other actors she’s put out of work in her Garage Sale Mysteries…unless they recast her in that series too. I love WCTH and look forward to it each week.

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