Exclusive Interview With ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Alum April Briney

Seeking Sister Wife: April Briney

Seeking Sister Wife currently airs on TLC and fans know that this year the Briney family episodes were excluded. Now, April spoke to TV Shows Ace exclusively to let her fans know a little bit about where she’s at. Plus, she opened up on a few things you may not know about her. April also looks to the future.

Seeking Sister Wife, April Briney speaks about TLC

TV Shows Ace covered a story by April when she posted a public note on her Facebook page. In it, April noted that she “followed him (Drew) onto the set of a television show.” April added that the “outward unraveling of the family” began there. April kindly answered a few questions about that for us this week.

  • TV Shows Ace (TVSA): You suggested that TLC could partly take the blame for you leaving Drew.  Would you ever consider appearing in another reality TV show?
  • April Briney (AB): “Lol! What a question! Not without a stronger contract to protect me.  I’m a bit disenchanted with reality TV. I think the world needs more positive, thoughtful messages to uplift and less gossipy, slanderish stuff.”
  • TVSA: Do you think that if you had never done the Seeking Sister Wife TLC show, things might have worked out without the divorce?
  •  AB:I don’t think they would have worked out, but I probably would not be divorced.”

April Briney talks about Drew and the rest of the family

Drew Briney divorced April, and that brings pain, grief, and self-reflection. Of course, when people divorce, the good times remain fixed in our memories, and the future brings complexities.

  • TVSA: “What’s your best memory of being married to Drew?
  • AB: “In the midst of an especially difficult labor I remember him gazing into my eyes with pure love and connection, telling me I was doing better than I thought and softly, fervently speaking love and encouragement to me.”
  • TVSA: Will you be able to see the other kids from your sister wife family in the future if you wanted to?
  • AB: “This is a subject that is very heartbreaking to me. Drew has legal rights to see my children, but I have no legal rights to see theirs. Even though I was very involved, they called me “Mama April,” and I dearly loved them, the only contact I could have would be by their good graces. Right now that’s not looking very likely, but we’ll see.”

April, art and where she’s at right now

Seeking Sister Wife fans who follow April heard that recently, she started holding art classes. TV Shows Ace reported in February that “April’s aiming to teach people about the “healing power of color.” She knows a lot about art and color as she studied illustration at Brigham Young University.” Revisiting that now, April said, “Art is an incredible tool to help us access our subconscious mind and be more connected with our emotions that we tend to hide or are unable to face. My sister and I are really excited about the breakthroughs people are experiencing in our paint therapy classes. Plus, it’s always fun to connect and make new friends!”

April adds that “outside of that I also teach art part-time at a school and I do lessons here and there from my home. Teaching is very natural and fluent to me. I love to facilitate growth. I love to learn and teaching is a natural part of the growing and learning cycle.” It looks like art plays a large part in the life of April these days, as she adds, “Art has always been a hobby, but now I’m giving it a shot, investing my time and seeing if I can get any good!”
Seeking Sister Wife fans who would love to own a piece of April’s art should know that right now, she paints on commission. However, get excited because a friend’s helping to set up a website for her. We hope that once it’s up April lets us know, so we can let you all know how it works. Plus, she’s putting together an art show titled With Brave Wings She Flies. April says she wants “to meaningfully tell through paintings, the stories of courageous vulnerability and overcoming struggles in women.”

Help, advice, and outreach to women

April’s experience with Seeking Sister Wife, living in a plural family, and the subsequent break-up left scars. However, it also means she understands the struggles and pain other women may go through. We asked April a few questions about women and where she sees herself in the future.

  • TVSA: What advice would you give young women who consider thinking about entering into a plural family?
  • AB: “That’s not a decision anyone makes lightly. I would say “God bless you. However your journey looks, I’m sure you will grow a lot in the process.” It is difficult to swim upstream from the cultural norm. My advice to succeed is to open your heart to love freely, forgive, and forgive, and forgive. Try to establish a strong friendship with the other wives before you get married, a connection that is independent of the husband.”
  • TVSA: Do you see yourself becoming an inspiration to women who suffer emotional pain. For example, as a speaker or writer?
  • AB: “I have a dream to start a foundation for women called Free Bird Rising. I want to offer support to women and families in times of distress: To support, heal, and empower women. Having had a unique window into the underground polygamous world, I’ve seen a lot of women who could use support and strength.  I would like to do classes, weekend retreats, and other events that will rejuvenate and encourage women.”

April Briney – getting to know her

We applaud her reaching out to help others, but we also thought our chat would be a great opportunity for her fans to get to know her a bit better. So, here we go:

  • TVSA: What is your greatest strength?
  • AB: “My capacity to love and open my heart to others.”
  • TVSA: What is your biggest weakness?
  • AB: “Resting b*tch face… It’s all over the Seeking Sister Wife episodes. I just cringe every time I see it! It’s my defensive look when I’m feeling hurt and trying to hold back emotion. Also, I’ve been learning a lot about boundaries, co-dependence, how oblivious I can be, and listening while at the same time allowing others to be right where they are and not needing them to change.”
  • TVSA: Where do you see yourself in five years time?
  • AB: “Hopefully secured in a home with my little ones. I’d like to see  my foundation well underway, a successful career happening and joy bursting out of my face every day because my life is so meaningful.”
  • TVSA: Where do you find inner strength? Like from the bible, supportive friends, meditation, prayer?
  • AB: “I find we all need three forms of connection: 1) to ourselves and our purpose or intention for this life – to live intentionally. 2) To the spiritual realm, or God and the gratitude we feel for them. 3) To others.  I have found those connections through daily affirmations, prayer, scripture study, writing, gratitude journals, and meaningful conversation and time with the people around me.” April explains that she’s “strongest when [she’s] most connected.” She adds, ” I think connections are the solution to most of the pain we experience. We all need each other more than we know.”

Trivia and fun facts about Seeking Sister Wife‘s April Briney

Fans and supporters always love learning a few trivia facts, so April gave us a few one-word answers. It turns out that if faced with a choice between a BBQ and fine dining, she’s up for both. Notably, she “just loves food!” Her current favorite book is Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle.

On entertainment, April says she and her girls “are hooked on Gilmore girls and the British Baking Show.” When it comes to movies, she normally enjoys watching them at home. However, she also says,” I love going out to the theater with candy and popcorn!”

April would not say “no” to a vacation at either the beach or up in the mountains. Plus, shirts and pants keep her comfy, and she prefers boots to wearing heels.

Thanks to April for opening up in this exclusive interview, and we hope her outreach plans and her beautiful art ambitions come to fruition. As her art expands, and her foundation takes off, we hope to bring you more news about April Briney.

Remember to check in with TV Shows Ace often for more news about Seeking Sister Wives.

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