After Temptation Island: How Can You Not Love Evan and Morgan?

Evan and Morgan Instagram

If you spent the past few weeks curled up on the couch watching the Temptation Island reboot, you took sides about which couples you were rooting for, which we hoped would just break up, and which “tempters” would cause the most commotion. We became invested in these couples, just as they were “supposedly” invested in one another.

After weeks of watching scandalous play, romantic rendezvous, and some serious heartache, the finale unfolded and we have learned everyone’s fate. Kaci Campbell and Evan Smith did not leave the island together as everyone imagined. In fact, Evan left the island renewed by LOVE. Just not for Kaci. He is even engaged now. Because of this, it shows he was probably with the wrong girl. Hopefully, Kaci has been able to move on and find love now too.

How could he?

The chemistry that Evan felt was real with Morgan Lolar. So real in fact that they gave in to temptation on Episode 6. Of course, we all assume those things will happen but after doing the deed they were even more into each other and their budding romance couldn’t be denied. It was genuine and you could honestly see it.

Morgan’s fears of rejection can be seen growing as their time on the island comes to a close. She even asks, “What if you chicken out?”, and if you believe in real love, you were caught up in your feelings as he comforted her and asked her to have faith in him. In those short moments of reality TV, we saw there was no possibility of him leaving Temptation Island with Kaci.

The future is all about Evan and Morgan

Now that time has passed since the show finished filming, we aren’t in the dark anymore. The finale aired and after a heart-wrenching verbal lashing from Kaci, we watched Evan speak with great joy and such pride about the positive direction his new life and new love has taken him. He has left the west coast, Cali lifestyle, behind and settled into east coast living in Virginia with Morgan. Evan can honestly say he regrets nothing about his time on Temptation Island, and his decision to leave with Morgan. An overwhelming feeling of acceptance with Morgan’s family has changed him. He says “It means the world to me”. The demons that once haunted Evan have been silenced by a warm loving embrace.

“I know where I want to be in 80 years,” he told the cameras. This new life has given Evan the confidence to take the next steps. Making Morgan, the future Ms. Smith. He knows exactly where he wants to spend every single moment and we love that. It’s always fun to see two people fall in love on a show and hope they get to a happily ever after and in this case. They did.

Filming ended six months ago. That means that Morgan and Evan have been going strong in the real world for that long already. He gives great updates on his Instagram.

Temptation Island has already been renewed for Season 2. There is no word out yet of when it will start. Because this season aired in the winter, it could be that long before they air another one.

Mandy Robinson


  1. Evan is a piece of crap for the way he handled everything! And Morgan is trashy! Look at how she dresses. This relationship won’t last!! What comes around, goes around…

  2. I agree with Donna. Evan literally dropped Kaci with the blink of an eye! And it will happen again but it’ll be Morgan who’s hurting and she will deserve it. Evan is way tooooo impulsive. He’s an easy catch! Just a little twerk and he’s yours!! LMFAO!

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