‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown And Christine Hit 25-Years-‘Married’ Milestone

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Kody Brown

Sister Wives fans got reminded by Aspyn Brown that Kody Brown and Christine got “married” in 1994. March 25, she posted up her congratulations to them on her Instagram. Actually, it’s a special day for them because they hit their 25-years-married milestone. Technically their union is not recognized, as it’s against the law to marry two people at once. However, they are “married” in terms of their own faith.

Sister Wives fans speculated about Christine and the Lularoe cruise

A few days ago, Meri Brown posted about her Lularoe cruise in Puerto Rico and fans speculated she went alone. However, TV Shows Ace did mention that this could be an assumption only, pointing out Mykelti and Christine also sell the clothing franchise. In fact, a day later, Christine posted up that she too prepared to go on a cruise. On her Instagram, fans assumed it was the same Lularoe cruise Meri went on.

On March 25, Meri posted up a photo of her enjoying Puerto Rico, so she’s still there. Is it likely that Kody would miss his 25th wedding anniversary? Judging by what he said in his February Pickler & Ben interview, that’s very unlikely. He may very well also be in Puerto Rico, as TV Shows Ace noted that he mentioned: “a birthday dinner or anniversary might lead from a special meal to intimate moments.”


Kody may not be with Janelle Brown in North Carolina

It’s quite hard to keep up with Brown family these days. In fact, last week, Janelle said she was on her way to spend time with Axel. Fans assumed this would be an opportunity for Kody to also spend time with his grandson. However, maybe that never happened, and he actually went to Puerto Rico instead. Actually, that may account for Janelle’s mom stepping in at Flagstaff to look after the kids.

Certainly, if Christine and Kody celebrate their 25th Anniversary together in Purto Rico, it’s a lovely place to reflect on years of marriage. Of course, Sister Wives fans picked up on the fact the Kody might be on the cruise as soon as they saw Aspyn’s Instagram. However, it’s not clear that he is. When asked if Christine was away on the Lularoe cruise, Aspyn replied, “yes haha they will celebrate once she gets back.” So, it looks like maybe he’s not there, and note she said when “she gets back,” not “when they get back.”



Kody Brown And Christine to celebrate 25-years-“married” milestone later

After looking through all the various social media posts, it’s easy to assume that Kody did go with Christine on the cruise, but as Aspyn said, they will celebrate later.  He could just be along for the ride, or with Janelle in North Carolina, or nowhere special at all. It doesn’t really matter too much, as long as they still love each other. Hopefully, when they do celebrate, Christine will post up some pictures of her special day for her Sister Wives fans.

What do you think about Christine and Kody Brown being married 25 years already? That’s a long time in anyone’s book, never mind in a complex plural family. Actually, it’s a huge milestone and testament to something working right for them. Have your say in the comments below.

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