‘Mama June: From Not To Hot’: Geno Doak Wades In On Critical Fans

Mama June: From Not to Hot - Geno Doak

Mama June: From Not to Hot premiered earlier this month, but joy soon turned to anger and concern from fans.  TMZ broke the news of the arrest of June and Geno Doak allegedly for possession of drugs and paraphernalia. Next, after being booked and out on bond, they went to a casino. Fans grew enraged about their example to the kids.

Mama June fans freak out over Mama June hanging with Geno Doak

The arrest overshadowed the actual episodes that aired during the middle of the drug bust investigation. In fact, according to TMZ what went down was alarming. Not only did threats to kill June go down from Geno, but they were both arrested for drugs and paraphernalia. A white substance found was allegedly claimed by Mama June to be crack cocaine.

What freaked fans out was that after they got out of jail on bond, they headed for the casino together. This, despite Geno being told to stay away from June after his threats of violence. Across social media and in tabloids like Hollywood Gossip, questions arise over June Shannon’s choice of men in her life. Mostly, fans of Mama June: From Not to Hot are concerned about Alana, Pumpkin and the other kids because of Geno’s long rap record.

Geno’s Rap record makes fans fear for the kids

To cut a long story short, some of Geno’s brushes with the law noted by The Hollywood Gossip include:

  • “intent to commit a theft” in February of 1996.”
  • “Theft of a $500 cargo trailer belonging to The Griffin First United Methodist Church in Griffin, Georgia.”
  • Breaching several parole conditions.
  • “criminal damage to property in the second degree.”

Angry and concerned, Mama June got a lot of comments on Twitter and Instagram about it all. Here’s what some people said about it:

  • @Cind**: “Think of your kids, grandkids, and your own well being.”
  • @Cej**: “On the last show Gino was visibly hyper as usual, looked as though he was on something. I’m not sure if you are actually invested in the drugs, but you need to stay away from this man, and drugs before you lose Alana. Also, do not let your granddaughter play with a sharp spatula.”
  • @Ash**: “I feel for Alana I really do. Open your eyes June what your doing just isn’t fair to your daughter!!”

Other commenters think they see the kids showing some fear of this violent and aggressive man. Of course, the statement by Pumpkin during the show that Geno was not the father figure they thought, also raised more concern. In fact, on YouTube, commenters straight up worry that Alana could lose any career because of him and June behaving the way they are.  Fans could not comment on Geno’s Instagram as he locked all the comments since he started posting.


Geno Doak wades into critical fans

Interestingly, on his latest post where Geno Doak responded to criticism of being scary for the kids, he did allow comments. In his post, he has a really aggressive attitude. He captioned it with, “Contrary to what some may lead you to believe I do not have any children that are frightened of me. I’ve been beyond nice and will continue to be as long as my image and me are left alone. Call my bluff if you must. Thank you have a day.”

Well, Mama June fans bit back at him, because they are convinced that Alana and Pumpkin don’t feel safe around him. One person told Geno that their fears come because they put drugs before their children. Another noted that any kid would be afraid of someone who acts so aggressively. Another user @fl** wrote sarcastically, “@mamajune, bless your heart!!! You’re willing to lose your daughter, your show and your life all in the name of love. Oh well, you can keep each other company standing next to each other holding signs that say homeless will work for food!”

What do you think of fans of the Not to Hot show being so critical of Mama June and Geno Doak? Do you think the kids look a bit scared of Geno? Do you fear for Honey Boo Boo living under these circumstances? After all, Geno allegedly threated to kill her mom.  Have your say in the comments below.

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