‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown At Janelle’s House Sale Fails To Attract Buyers

Sister Wives: homes

Sister Wives fans know from the current season that Kody Brown and the sister wives relocated to Flagstaff from Las Vegas. They hoped to sell their homes to pay for the new property in Coyote Pass. So far, only Robyn’s property sold, but Janelle Brown and the others still battle for buyers. In fact, Kody made a personal appearance at Janelle’s home but did not get any offers.

Sister Wives house sales slow to get buyers

Apart from Robyn, whose home sold inside a month at $619,900, the other homes seem not so attractive. TV Shows Ace noted in January that “Christine Brown’s house started at $675,000, then was dropped in September to $649,000. They cut it down in November and then again this month to $614,900. Janelle Brown’s original listing price was $649,000. On January 23, the price was cut down to $599,900.”

It looked like they hope squeezing under that $600,000 mark would make a difference to potential buyers. Radar Online reported that Janelle had dropped her asking price $50k. It seems obvious from the Sister Wives TV show that they need to sell these homes to cover their new expenses in Flagstaff. Robyn’s home sale must have helped a bit, but money troubles must be a concern right now.


Kody Brown’s appearance at Janelle’s house sale

When Kody made an appearance at Janelle’s house sale, things must have disappointed him badly. Nobody made an offer Radar Online reports. That setback actually saw them lower the price once again. Radar Online wrote, the Brown family “slashed the price of the home by $25,000!” If you look at the fact that it’s not only Janelle dropping her price, that adds up to a lot of money gone from the projected budget.

Kody Brown seemed desperate to move the Sister Wives family to Flagstaff, but unless the properties start moving, they could face financial hardship. Perhaps Meri Brown predicted such an issue when she raised the funds for her new BnB, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn without involving homes as collateral.

What do you think of the fact that Janelle Brown’s home in Las Vegas still has no buyer despite Kody Brown making a personal appearance there? Why do you think people don’t want these properties? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. All those houses were identical except the color of the cupboards and maybe the outside. I wonder why o people were willing to spend so much on Robin’s when she had a zillion kid running around like Christine and Jenelle treating things up and meri kept her house pristine and had no child wear and tear and hers is still on the market.

    Even though Robin’s sold, financially other than not having to pay that mortgage payment, they aren’t getting a windfall to help them out financially now regardless.

    They didn’t need all that land, they didn’t need 4 or 5 expensive homes and having to have their electric bright in. They quit their jobs!!! They should put the of those lots back on the market and build one larger home or 4 smaller homes in the one piece of property they have left OR they shouldn’t rent those ridiculously expensive houses and build onto Christina’s new house and make it big enough for everyone but not palatial! We are going to get to watch them go down the tubes. That might bring ratings up!!

  2. Why are we pretending this is a financial hardship for them? They are making bucket loads off of TLC, otherwise they wouldn’t be in this predicament. Their not as bad with money as the show and the fans make them out to be. They don’t have to be good with money when their lifestyle is bankrolled.

  3. The Brown family is not the average Las Vegas dwelling family, even though they try to normalize themselves. Homes like they built are not needed by other buyers, no demand, and expensive to keep cool. They will probaby make this mistake again in Flagstaff AZ.

  4. Well if Kody had his man bun working, people were probably embaresse d. That thing has to go it looks so(look at me I’m 20 yrs old)

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