I Am Jazz: Jazz’ Parents Squash Her Dream Of Moving Out Their House

I Am Jazz: Jazz Jennings

I Am Jazz fans saw over the last few episodes, that Jazz Jennings wants out of her parents’ house. Now her parents, Jeanette and Greg, put an end to her dream of getting her own place. In fact, it all seemed to start when her boyfriend Ahmir Steward needed a place to stay. Actually, he said his mom might kick him out of the house if he continues his relationship with Jazz.

I Am Jazz fans saw Jennings try hard to move out the house

Jennings hung onto the idea of hitting 18 and being free of parental controls. Actually, it’s becoming fairly obvious that Jazz tries to live her life at top speed since her gender confirmation surgery. First, the issue of a boyfriend and wanting intimacy so soon after her surgery arose. Next, she wanted a place for boyfriend Ahmir to stay. Now, she persists in arguing with her parents.

In the TLC show, we heard her dad saying all the sensible things to her, as any concerned dad would. He did acknowledge that Jazz wants her independence. He said she wants “to have whoever, whatever [she] wants,” adding, “that’s kind of what you’re looking for.” However, he also said that Jazz is still in recovery and she needs to stay at home so they can help her through it all.

Jennings surrenders to her parents eventually

Eventually, Jazz Jennings surrendered to her parents’ wishes. Actually, listening to Jazz discuss the issues with them, she comes across as a bit of a sulky teen. In fact, that’s not very adult, so perhaps she needs to stay home longer. Later, she took to her Twitter to talk about the outcome.

She posted, “My parents won! I’m not moving out! Even though I knew in my heart that this was the change I desired, I would only do it with their support, and I didn’t have it. I was so ready to prove to them (and myself) that I could do it!! Oh well…”

Fans of Jazz Jennings chip in their advice about staying with her parents

I Am Jazz fans chipped in some of their ideas about Jazz leaving her parents’ home at 18. Most of them supported the idea of not rushing into things. One person said, “Don’t be in a rush you will have lots of time to be on your own and paying all the bills and soon you will be at College and on your own on campus right.” Another noted that she still needs to take time to grow. Others felt she should stay home as she’s lucky her parents can afford to keep her.

What do you think about Jazz wanting to leave her parents home? Do you think she’s rushing things too fast? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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