Mama June Pregnant? Let’s Count All The Hints And Spoilers

Mama June and Honey Boo Boo Instagram

Mama June returned with her Not to Hot show on Friday and as usual, there’s drama, arrests, food, and myriad other issues. One thing that everyone could hardly not notice was the number of spoilers and suggestions that Mama June might be pregnant. Let’s count all the hints and spoilers on her possible pregnancy. Mama June loves controversy, so she may not be pregnant, but that’s the appeal of the show.

Mama June pregnant rumors

Usually, it’s the fans of reality TV shows that speculate about celebrity pregnancies, but this time, it came straight from Mama June’s mouth. Plus, now with the news revealed that she got arrested, possibly for possession of some kind of drugs, fans worry about the child – if the spoilers are for real. Also, fans on Twitter generally feel disappointed that she hooks up with losers like Geno.

Counting the spoilers and hints

  1. Mama June knows she put on some weight, as before she got on her scale, she said that she may have “put on a few extra pounds. Next, when she sees she’s gone back up to 210 pounds, she thinks either there’s a problem with the scale or “something is going on with my body.” Then freaking out, she mentions that her monthly is a bit late.
  2. Another hint that she may be eating for two came out when she ordered food at The Six in Studio City, California.
  3. A phone call to her sister was the biggest spoiler of them all. Mama June clearly told her that she thought she might be pregnant.  “I think I’m pregnant,” she said. Actually, she noted that Geno and her shared eight kids between them. Additionally, she wondered how they will handle a new kid.
  4. Pumpkin outright said to baby-daddy Joshua Efird that “Mama kicked us out because she’s pregnant.”
  5. During the premiere episode, Mama June also said that Geno better “get his sh*t together” if she is pregnant.

5 mega-spoilers that June’s preggo

So, there you have it – five mega-spoilers that she’s pregnant. It could just be the mom of Honey Boo Boo angling for some ratings, but anything’s possible with her family. Certainly, we can’t discount the possibility. Plus, these days, it’s not that difficult to test for pregnancy, especially when the pharmacy is a hop, skip down the road. Of course, we have to watch the series on WEtv at 9 PM on Fridays to find out.

What do you think about Mama June potentially being pregnant? After all, she’s a grandmother now and it looks like her relationship with Geno’s may be a bit rocky as well. Have your say in the comments below.

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