‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Vanessa Says TLC Producers Suggested Hiding Her Acting Background

Seeking Sister Wife: Vanessa Cobb

Seeking Sister Wife features Vanessa Cobbs this season. TV Shows Ace reported this week that it appears she is an actress. Of course, that made it onto social media discussions. Now, Vanessa clarifies that she does, in fact, have an acting career, but TLC suggested they hide that fact from her bio. The reasoning is that it might make people think she’s a paid actress on the show. Hello – how hard is it to do a bit of digging? After all, this ain’t no witness protection operation.

Seeking Sister Wife fans saw Vanessa Cobbs in last week’s episode

Last week, fans on Seeking Sister Wife saw Vanessa’s story where her twin sister was uncomfortable with the whole gig. She wanted some one-on-one alone with her sis, who finally suggested they could do lunch. Of course, when the story came out that Vanessa had an acting career and failed to disclose that, people wondered if the whole thing was scripted. Bringing in her twin extended that thought. Plus, the whole Snowden thing from last season where they ended up not getting a new sister wife, made some people feel that Vanessa’s acting talents were way too convenient.

For those who missed the acting background, there’s a website, Lotus In The Mud Studios, that lists Vanessa Cobbs as playing the role of Cindy Smith in a movie titled Always. Her bio reads, “Vanessa is a Seattle based actress.” The bio also tells more about her acting training under “award-winning” actors. Some of the movies Vanessa acted in include Star Trek: Phoenix, Cloak & Dagger Part I, Dark Passages, and Grimm.” The site also had a useful photograph of her.

TLC producers suggested they hide Vanessa’s acting career

According to Vanessa, which was shared by John Yates on Twitter, she told Dimitri and Ashley from the beginning about her acting experience. She noted that she also does other work. Vanessa adds that she also shared her “acting background with the producers when they found out there was going to be a season 2.” She added that she had already started dating the Snowdens. Then they all decided not to “publicize” her acting background on the show. The reason? Well, she writes, “It would, of course, be a distraction as everyone would think that the show is fake.”

Vanessa added that they also felt it best to hide her acting away as some people might think, “I’m a paid actress to be there, and/or doing the show to get famous.” She then goes on to explain how she understands that people might think TLC deliberately brought in an actress to Seeking Sister Wife. Well, hello, obviously they were going to think that once the news got out.  And now, because writers had to dig for it, that only solidifies the suspicions of Seeking Sister Wife fans.


Vanessa’s going to continue with the Snowden family – there’s a spoiler for you

Ending up her long justification, Vanessa says, “Our relationship is 100% real. The love I have for Ashley, Dimitri, and the children are 100% real. And, we’re going to continue to live our life out loud and unapologetically.” Thanks for that spoiler, Vanessa. Did TLC tell you to say that as well?

Poor Vanessa Cobbs – stuck in the middle of all of this fakery and hints of fakery. Does it rank up the show ratings? What do you think about this decision by the TLC producers and the Snowdens to hide her acting career background? After all, a lie by omission is still a lie. Once caught out in a lie, there’s only really one way out. Maybe say “sorry” and then go away and hope people forget you forever. Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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