‘Little People Big World’: Marriage Definitely On The Cards For Matt Roloff And Caryn Chandler

Little People Big World: Caryn Chandler - Matt Roloff

Little People, Big World fans know that Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler moved in together after his divorce from Amy. Their relationship seems to bring out the best of Matt, who seems noticeably happier since the break. Amy, on her side, went off into a new relationship with Chris Marek, and she also seems happier these days. Now, it seems that finally, for Matt and Caryn, it looks like marriage is definitely on the cards.

Little People, Big World sneak peek for the new season shows Caryn Chandler

The official Little People, Big World Facebook page posted a sneak peek into the upcoming season. People reported that it premieres on April 2 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC. It opens with Matt and Caryn as they take off on a ride on the mule. TV Shows Ace reported in an exclusive with Caryn Chandler, that the new season would see quite a bit of her in the show. Actually, the sneak peek also shows quite a lot of Caryn.

In the preview, Matt says, “Caryn and I are really creating our own path,” adding that he can’t “let the farm” hold them back.” It gets a bit more certain that Matt’s looking to a long-term commitment with Caryn when he says to her, “You know what I like about this? We get to do it any way we want.” Is he talking about their future together as a married couple?


Marriage on the cards for Caryn and Matt Roloff

Later on, the preview cuts to Caryn again, and this time she raises the subject of marriage quite openly. Recently, on Instagram, she said that marriage was not going to happen “just yet.” However, that never meant they would not marry. In the preview, she and Matt sit together on that handy old hay bale and talk about it to the cameras.

Caryn says, “The idea of having a husband kind of interest me again.” Meanwhile, Matt just laughs, that naughty laugh before they cut away to a scene of them sharing a kiss outside the barn. Of course, fans raised the question for ages about whether the farm would survive a Matt-Caryn marriage. After all, Amy and Matt ran the farm to give their kids a better life. Obviously, it may be problematic for Amy to share the property with someone she may still view as her usurper.


Will a future for Matt and Caryn together as a married couple affect the farm?

The whole future of the farm seems to be questionable in the sneak peek. We see Matt talking to Amy about his shares in it. We also see Zach worrying about overheads. As fans know, Jeremy, Molly, and Jacob moved on. Zach mainly helps to run the farm these days. Fans always hoped to see Zach take over because they worry that the farm may go and that leaves baby Jackson without a legacy.

However, as Amy says, this season sees her experience life as she never has before. We get a hint that she wants out the farm anyway. Whether that’s because of an impending marriage between Matt and Caryn, or because she found a new lifestyle with Chris, we don’t know just yet.

Will Caryn Chandler marrying Matt Roloff mean that Amy, Zach, Tori, and the grandchildren disappear off our screens forever? You will have to watch the season to find out.

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