‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Disapproves Of TLC’s ‘Seeking Sister Wife’

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

Sister Wives shows Janelle, Meri, Robyn, Christine and Kody Brown who live as one big family with loads of kids. The TLC show’s an old familiar story to fans across the world. However, it seems that the plural family disapproves of another TLC show about plural living: Seeking Sister Wife.

Sister Wives covers Janelle Brown and her plural family’s journey

Sister Wives was introduced to viewers in 2010 when the Brown family was all living together in one home in Utah. In Touch Weekly reminded us in 2018 that they belong to “the Apostolic United Brethren — which is a sect of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS) or Mormon religion that allows followers to practice polygamy.”

On the other hand, the newer show, Seeking Sister Wife, is more about people who just want another woman in the family. This season, there’s Paige and Bernie McGee who seem to have taken a bit of the bible and use that to justify their desire for another wife. Meanwhile, Dimitri and Ashley Snowden seem rather more eastern, spiritually, and that’s not their motivation anyway. Then, Jeff Aldredge is “spiritually married” to Vanessa and Sharis and has another wife from an unsuccessful first marriage.  Finally, Colton Winders seems very religious and his two wives Sophie and Tami seem compliant.

Disapproval of  Seeking Sister Wife 

Taking to Twitter on March 10, Janelle Brown spoke about the latest Seeking Sister Wife commercial. Now, this Sunday’s episode featured Dimitri Snowden, Ashley, and Vanessa, the new wanna-be sister wife. The perception with this couple is just that Dimitri wants an extra woman around. Pretty much, the same goes for the McGees. Actually, unlike the Brown family, there’s not so much focus on courting before intimacy.

It’s the lack of formal courting that Janelle Brown feels is wrong. She noted that this is not a good idea, pointing out that within the Brown culture it’s actually “prohibited.” She adds that it’s important to remember that the new woman is “dating a family, not a man.” Actually, it seems to be the feeling of many Sister Wives followers as well, who agree there seem to be few morals in the newer spin-off.

Janelle Brown’s fans agree

On her Twitter, quite a lot of her fans agree with Janelle that something comes across as not right in Seeking Sister Wife. Here’s what some of them had to say about it:

  • “Some of the families on that show makes me cringe! Definitely not in it for religion purposes.”
  • “Seeking Sister Wife gives me the creeps, it is weird. Like they just want publicity. That show needs to go.”
  • “It seems like none of these families are coming at plural marriage for religious reasons.”
  • “I agree with you. I think intimacy should be after. Courting is getting to know the family. First, the woman should love the whole family. The women need to be your best friends. The family is the beauty of Sister Wives.”

What do you think about Janelle Brown, who lives a polygamous lifestyle, disapproving of others who also want a plural lifestyle? Do you think religion and culture matter? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. From what we see, no one of the couples on Seeking Sister Wife approve if intimacy before marriage. I guess you need to watch more than a misleading preview before forming an opinion.

    1. No “a commitment.” That’s quite difference. And the Snowden trio I don’t even know if a commitment is required…just a cleanse!

      Vanessa is so eager to bed Demitri it hurts.

    2. Half of the couples do NOT approve of intimacy prior to commitment, but, the McGees and the Snowdens were obviously just about having another woman in the house to share household duties with the wife and also get to bed the man of the house, who was really only interested in having sex with more than one woman under the guise of polygamy.

  2. I like both show’s. My belief and my religion is one woman to one man, but the way I look at it is if you want to live a serten way that is your choice. I do agree that intimacy should wait till after marriage. Marriage is sacred. God first then family’s. Then after marriage comes the rest.

  3. I agree with Janelle! They just want another woman! They are all totally different from the Browns! Paiges husband is disgusting! She does not want this! I hope she speaks up n puts her foot down! Not sure I can waste my time with this sickening show. TCL has stuped too low !

    1. I agree with Janelle. with the brown family it is a religious belief that go way back to the founder of the LDS/ Mormon faith.. Joseph Smith. I don’t see the scriptures that way, but, I respect their right to interpret scripture in their own way.

  4. I agree The Snowden’s seem to think of this sex as a joke.The Browns are much more dignified about the sex part. But Kody Brown needs help, his attitude, his hair, he is just plain gross.

  5. Oh stop it it’s all the same they’re just worried that because someone stepping on their toes and it’s taking away their fame because people are so bored with them and I’m talking about the Browns being boring that’s why they are half the time being canceled They just don’t want nobody stepping in their parade and seeking sister wives is getting too much attention and it’s taken away from them. Sorry To say the Brown family is very boring all of them ..all they do is up and move constantly just so that they can stay on a TV show it’s sickening and I cannot stand Cody he’s gross

    1. I seriously disagree with you, Lor. The Browns are losing in ratings, but, their disapproval with ‘Seekin Sister Wife’ is the fact that wanting other women in the home (Both Bernie and Dimitri wanted MORE than just one addition to their herum .. Both said 3 was a good number) was not about a belief in Pleural marriage dating way back to the founder of the Morman religion, Joseph Smith. He taught that pleural marriage was paramount to reaching the highest of 3 heavens (the Celestial Heaven.)

    2. Yea Sister Wives ran its course a while ago. I liked it at first because it seemed real, seemed like it was about their religion, and I could see the benefits of a sister wife although I personally don’t agree with it or could do it in my home. Over the years it became the Robyn and Kody show. Robyn is my least favorite wife although now she is starting to be better than Christine… LOL.. I don’t trust Robyn personally and feel Kody should divorce her legally and maybe marry Janelle or Christine. Christine is so angry and mean now. In the recent years of this show it seems like no one is happy, not even a lot of the kids, and it is no longer about religion. You rarely seem them talking about religion and their clothes are not modest anymore from previous times. They seem to be more about money. Doing anything to keep this tv show and money coming in. Their kids are growing and moving on, but their homes are getting bigger and really renting homes that are worth millions??? Why do they need that? Rent modestly save for your purchased home. I feel this show should be canceled because it is quite boring anymore. Kody doing anything to stay in the lime light is annoying. No one is happy and the stuff they do to be silly or interesting isn’t silly or interesting at all. I would love to see what really is going on not the cheery image they portray, then my interest would be rekindled. I don’t like seeking sister wives because the cast is not appealing. Dimiti is a very good looking man but Ashley comes across corse and controlling. They seem like they are swingers not spiritual and that damn red dot is too much! The MCGees I guess we won’t see anymore, and the other two families seem very spiritual in their reasons but its still boring. They all seem so desperate they put their spiritual values aside for any woman willing… (Jennifer for example).

  6. I have to say my heart broke for the McGee children… The two boys where so broken hearted when they
    found out Brandy was not coming back . Paige is a real Sneaky Snake …The way she said cut Brandy down right at the get go about …No you can’t hug him when he comes home from work , You fold this way or your STUPID …..on and on Bernie is just being a pig wanting another woman to bed ..Hoping it would be different , exciting no doubt with someone new over the same old same old for past 17 years.

    1. I really agree that Paige mistreated Brandy and faked a belief that Bernie should have another wife. She didn’t want that and she was going to make sure that he didn’t take another woman to bed. From the Get-go Bernie was doing sneaky stuff behind Paige’s back and writing inappropriate messages of a sexual nature to other women. She didn’t trust him with good reason. She agreed to polygamy to keep Bernie (who said on more than one occasion when she was saying she wasn’t sure she could handle it..’We’re doing this.’ She secretly hoped he would see her misery and forgo the whole thing. Hate to say this now that Bernie has passed away, but, it’s true.

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