’90 Day Fiance’ Ashley Martson Hits At Trolls After Ricky Reyes’ Breakdown, Gets Slammed

90 Day Fiance Ashley Martson

90 Day Fiance‘s Ashley Martson posted about Ricky Reyes’ breakdown. Ricky, of Before the 90 Days checked into a mental health facility. Via Johnny Yates, social commentator, and his own Instagram, he got the message out to his fans. Now, Ashley Martson hit at trolls. However, for her efforts, she got slammed for assuming Ricky’s problems stemmed from trolls.

90 Day Fiance viewers split over Ashley Marston

Ashley Martson does have many followers who faithfully defend her. Her Instagram account garnered 210k followers, but many people went off her and Jay Smith after their manufactured 90 Day Fiance split came to light. Unhappy, many fans felt defrauded and they felt the couple lost their relevancy. Obviously, if you make up stories for ratings, you should expect some backlash. Ashley also got a lot of hateful comments directed her way.

Often, Ashley mentions haters and trolls on her social media posts. This time, she put up an Instagram Story about Ricky, suggesting it’s the fault of trolls that he needed hospitalization for his mental health. While she also said that Ricky made a “brave and responsible decision,” that didn’t stop her non-fans from slamming her.

Ashley Martson Instagram Story
Ashley Martson Instagram Story

Was Ricky Reyes’ breakdown the fault of trolls?

Ricky’s keeping a lot to himself right now and can only access his phone now and then. However, via John Yates, updates do come through. Nowhere, does it seem that his mental health issues arise from trolls. In a recent Instagram Story, Ricky did speak out about participating in reality TV shows. He listed six reasons why he advised against it, and none of those reasons spoke of trolls. In fact, he spoke more about understanding your rights when it comes to TV contracts.

90 Day Fiance followers commenting on John Yates’ Instagram seem to think that Ashley’s just using Ricky’s problems to try and stay relevant. While fans accept that what Ricky did with Ximena was wrong, there was no way he experienced anything like the trolling Ashley got. Even then, they feel Ashley got what she deserved. At least one commenter noted, “The thing is, no one truly knows Ricky’s heart and struggles but Ricky. For Ashley to assume it’s “trolls” just proves how dumb she really is.”

Rickey Reeves
Image Ricky Reyes | Instagram Story

Ashley Martson’s new post slams trolls again

Having had her say about Ricky Reyes and getting slammed for it, Ashey also posted on her page about how trolls got to her. She said she “cried it out in the shower” and added, “I will never let anyone put me down again.”

What do you think of Ashey Martson posting about Ricky Reyes and trolls being the problem? Do you think that’s relevant, seeing Ricky never spoke about it much? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. It is the understanding of the viewers that while Ricky was eager to become engaged to two women to whom we were introduced, he was actually married at the time. Surely this was indefensible.

    Ashley has repeatedly demonstrated her refusal to ever take ownership for her disgraceful and even criminal misdeeds. She is expert at blaming others and with absolutely no concern for the consequences and damage to others that result from her sociopathy.

    Trolls never attacked Ashley. She lied constantly and even aggressively pled for donations from well-meaning, innocent strangers based upon fabricated sob stories. Her continuous deceptions are what led to the utter disgust, revulsion and intolerance of her formerly loyal fans.

    Why is Ashley still ever present? She posted repeatedly that she longed to return to anonymity and privacy yet she does not stop demonstrating her desperate desire to remain visible. Is she incapable of ever being truthful about anything at all?

    1. I absolutely agree with “Utterly Disgusted.” Ricky went onto the show knowing that he was married at the time and played with the feelings and emotions of two women and that is something that he will have to live with because he caused that situation no one else did.
      Ashley on the other hand always has some kind of comment and/or criticism towards anyone that bashes her or calls her out on her own misdoings. She has done nothing but use her fans (and I use the term fans loosely) lie to the public about everything including her marriage and her health. She starts a go-fund me account then says she is returning all of the money for some bogus reason when it was clearly because she was a fraud who took advantage of hard working people for their money. I mean it started with the whole thing about them being threatened so they cancelled their wedding and went to Vegas which was a lot of crap. She should just stay out of the public and keep her useless opinions to herself because no one cares or believes what she has to say. Do everyone a favor and focus on your own pathetic life and stay out of the “reality star elusion” life that you think you are living in, FYI “you are not a reality star!!!”.

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