‘OutDaughtered’ And ‘Little People, Big World’ Meet Up – ‘Always More’

Outdaughtered: Danielle Busby

Outdaughtered and Little People, Big World met up in the Always More clothing line. Audrey Roloff started the clothing line and now, Danielle Busby took to her Instagram to shoutout a promo for it. It seems that two TLC fan-favorites now work together for mutual good things. Mind you, it shouldn’t be a huge surprise as the two women are good friends.

Outdaughtered collides with Little People, Big World

Danielle Busby, the mom of her quints plus one on the TLC show Outdaughtered and Audrey Roloff, who was with Little People, Big World until the end of the last season, are friends. Back in October last year, In Touch Weekly reported that Danielle Busby commented on one of Audrey’s Instagram posts. That’s when fans and followers discovered the two TLC’s reality shows celebs are friends. Also, at the time, they were looking forward to catching up.

Well, that obviously happened at some stage, as the latest news is that Audrey and Danielle teamed up with the Always More clothing line that Audrey started. In her recent post on Instagram, Danielle showed off the New Rose Sherpa jacket which looks very warm and snug. She told her followers where to go to find out more about Audrey’s line. Plus, she told them to use the code “danielle15 for a discount!”


Busby fans love the Always More line

Little People, Big World fans, and Busby family fans love the Always More Line. The backstory to the name is great as well. On her aujpoj blog, Audrey explains what it means to her. She wrote, “Over the years I have kept every pair of running shoes that I have ever had. I spray paint them red, write notes on/in them, say a prayer, and throw them on telephone wires near places significant to my life.” She then adds that she writes the words “ALWAYS MORE” on them as “these words represent the way I strive to live, based on my motives for living that way.” The words are taken from a bible verse.

Similarly to Danielle Busby, Audrey also posted up on Instagram about the New Rose Sherpa. In her caption, she noted, “you are reminded to ALWAYS believe in the MORE that is within you through Christ. ” Fans reacted to the recent collaboration with joy. Here’s what some of them had to say:

  • @elizheitman: “Omg two of my favorite people promoting each other this is nuts! ❤️”
  • @meredith_mccanless:  “My two favorite worlds colliding!!!!”
  • @karensuuusie: “Can we please get a Busby and Roloff collaboration? All my favorite TLC people in one place.”😍


Busby and Roloff have similar life experiences

Danielle Busby and Audrey Roloff have much in common They both live moral lives, get cameras on them regularly and have multitudes of fans and followers. It’s nice to know they are friends and help each other out.

What do you think of the two TLC stars being friends and both shouting out the Always More line? Will you go and check out the store?

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