Caelynn, Onyeka Reportedly Slid Into Dean’s DMs Prior to Stint on ‘The Bachelor’

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Who is actually here for the right reasons? Bachelor contestant Caelynn Miller-Keyes came under fire on Colton’s season. Other girls referred to a conversation between Caelynn and fellow constant, Cassie Randolph, in which the two women discussed their ambitions of becoming The Bachelorette. Caelynn reportedly expressed desires to connect with Dean Unglert, a contestant on Rachel Lindsay’s season of The Bachelorette. The conversation in question took place on a bus ride between two different locations. Leading two contestants, Tayshia Adams and Kirpa Sudick to report the incident to Colton in order to warn him of the girls’ questionable intentions.

Is anyone there for the right reasons?

In the Bachelor fandom, the “right reasons” refer to women being present on the season in order to find love. This has become especially important in light of the lucrative Instagram careers that can come from participating on The Bachelor (not to mention a myriad of other opportunities that arise from the sudden increase in popularity the show brings frontrunners).

Women Tell All reveals sliding into DMs

During the Women Tell All, Katie explicitly mentioned that Caelynn spoke about sliding into DMs during her time on the show. Kirpa elaborated on the nature of that conversation on the Almost Famous podcast. Onyeka rushed to Caelynn’s defense after the podcast was released. It revealed that the two of them were laughing over mutually DMing Dean prior to the show. Onyeka contacted him in July while she was in Japan and Caelynn months before that. Onyeka claims that the conversation was taken out of context, making the women seem like they were planning on DMing Dean once they left the show, rather than joking about attempting contact before the show taped.

However, many fans question Caelynn’s motivations for going on the show. Once they found out she had contacted Dean Unglert it made them wonder. Perhaps Caelynn’s eagerness to form relationships with members of Bachelor Nation indicates a certain readiness to gain fame and attention. This would imply that Caelynn was not, in fact on the show to find love with Colton.

Dean wasn’t a fan of this season

Prior to Colton’s season of The Bachelor, Dean Unglert gave a controversial interview in which he stated that he would watch Colton’s season because it would be “a dumpster fire”. Now, fans are speculating that Dean said this comment because he knew that at least two of Colton’s ladies were already looking for love in other places. Regardless, fans are trying to appeal to Dean and get him to “show them receipts” of those interactions. Only time will tell if Dean will release that information. Also, whether or not fans will ever find out the truth of these conversations. For now, fans can only wonder what really occurred in that infamous bus ride.

Make sure you don’t miss the finale of The Bachelor next Monday and Tuesday on ABC.

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