‘I Am Jazz’: Jazz Jennings Hangs Up On Ahmir’s Mom – Won’t Apologize

I Am Jazz: Jazz Jennings

I Am Jazz brought loads of tension to our screens Monday, March 5. Jazz Jennings gets on the phone with her boyfriend Ahmir’s mom but hangs up on her. Now, Jennings feels she did nothing wrong and won’t apologize. Some followers think she should, as she initiated the conversation and asked Ahmir’s mom to be frank.

I Am Jazz fans hear that Ahmir’s telling lies

During the episode, Jazz followed up from last week when Ahmir said his mom had issues with him dating transgenders. In fact, he worried she might throw him out of the house. Actually, that led to a discussion about Jazz and Ahmir moving in together. Additionally, it also brought about this conversation on the phone.

Jazz said to Ahmir’s mom that she wanted to “understand, from you, what the problem is if he’s dating someone transgender? She then asked if his happiness should be the “priority.” Anyway, the conversation continues with some stress and tension for everyone. Ahmir gets a bit shocked when his mom tells his girlfriend he was “disgusted” in the past when friends turned transgender or came out as gay. Therefore, she says he is telling lies about his feelings for her.

Jazz hangs up on Ahmir’s mom

After arguing about whether she is female or not and lecturing about gender, Jennings hung up on Ahmir’s mom. This seemed very rude and came across as immature. As one follower noted on Twitter, “I wish you hadn’t hung up on his mother. This was your chance to show you could be calm and leave room for a future relationship. Hanging up on someone is one of the rudest things one can do. She merely expressed her views after you asked her to be frank.”

Others felt that Jazz was right to be angry as they felt Ahmir’s mom was putting her down. One follower felt they understood why Jazz got upset as bringing up transgenders as victims must have hurt. However, one person felt perhaps Jeanette, Jazz’s mom should have spoken to her. Educating her might be better coming from someone a bit older than her daughter.

No apology coming from Jazz

Ms. Jennings seems determined not to apologize for anything, including hanging up the phone on Ahmir’s mom. Fans of the TLC show are split over it, with one user commenting, that in fact, trans women often do become victims and they face violence and murder at “astronomical rates” in the USA. They noted that Ahmir’s mom was right about that. However, by calling Ahmir’s mom out, that made her a bit of a victim too.

Plus, as soon as his mom wanted to get into specifics about what lies he was telling, Ahmir walked out. So, he also behaved badly during the episode.  Jazz defended him, saying, “Ahmir used to have beliefs and say things that aligned with the perspective of his mom…but he has learned and developed his own opinion, and is a part of the LGBTQIA+ community himself.”

What do you think about Jennings getting heated and hanging up on Ahmir’s mom? Do you think she should apologize? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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