‘The Bachelor’ 2019 Episode 8 Spoilers: Who Unexpectedly Returns?

The Bachelor Colton Underwood

The Bachelor Colton Underwood has cut it down to four women. As seen in past seasons these four ladies get to take The Bachelor to their hometowns to meet their families. This week Colton will narrow his choices down to three women, but not before an eliminated contestant shows up to confront him. Who will show up uninvited to talk to Colton?


Hannah Godwin is the first hometown date filmed

Reality Steve shared Hannah G. was the first woman to go on her hometown date with The Bachelor.  Hannah, who won the first impression rose, took Colton to her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. Steve shared no details about what took place on Hannah’s date.

Following Hannah’s date, Colton had an unexpected visitor at this hotel. Hannah B. decided it was worth a shot to come to talk to Colton. While there are no specific reasons for her visit, it is assumed she wanted answers as to why she was sent home. Colton sent Hannah B. home after her one-on-one date during episode 7.


Did Colton give Hannah B. another chance?

According to spoilers, Hannah’s B’s surprise visit did not end with her having another chance with The Bachelor. The Miss Alabama winner was once again sent away by Colton. The Instagram post above shows Hannah B. on her episode 7 date where she met Colton’s parents in Denver. Little did she know at the time he would be sending her home shortly after.

Next hometown date led Colton to Fredericksburg, Virginia with Caelynn Miller-Keyes. Tweets by Reality Steve showed the couple riding in a horse-drawn carriage before ultimately meeting her family. Caelynn’s family met Colton at the famous Stevenson-Doggett house. While Steve does not believe any of her family actually resides there, he is not sure why they chose that location for the meet and greet. He simply said sometimes production does not use actual residences for hometowns.

Who gets eliminated after hometown dates?

The next hometown was filmed on October 31 in Orange County, California. Tayshia Adams took Colton around and to meet her family. No details have surfaced about their date. Finally, Colton went to Huntington Beach, California to meet Cassie Randolph’s family. There was once again not much revealed about their date.

After completing hometowns Colton will rejoin all four remaining women for the rose ceremony. Steve shared it is Caelynn who is sent home. Tayshia, Cassie and Hannah G. will all be heading to Portugal for overnight dates in episode 9.


Don’t miss the remaining episodes of The Bachelor as Colton tries to find his future bride. The Bachelor airs Monday nights on ABC. Viewers are only a few short weeks away from finding out who he picks in the end.

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