Ben Higgins of ‘The Bachelor’ Reveals Who His New Girlfriend Is, Shares Picture

Ben Higgins pic from Instagram

The Bachelor star Ben Higgins is now speaking out and revealing who his new girlfriend is to the fans. Ben actually revealed he had a new girlfriend not long ago. At first, he wasn’t ready to let the world know who it was, but now he is sharing. Higgins went to his Instagram to share the details today.

Ben shares a photo of his new girlfriend

Ben Higgins went to his Instagram to share a photo of his girlfriend today. Along with it, he shared the caption, “I’ve been selfishly keeping this girl to myself for too long! Hey friends meet @jessclarke_! I successfully slid into her Dm’s a few months ago. I took a risk and I am glad I did. She is someone special, and I look forward to where life is going to take us. Stay tuned for the journey. In addition, this picture was taken this week in Honduras. I got to spend some time with an incredible group of people from all over the USA on a @generous_coffee_ adventure. Life is good!”

It is great to see that Ben is proud of his girlfriend and showing her off. You never know who will end up sliding into your DMs. This girl was lucky enough to start dating Ben Higgins after he messaged her on Instagram and she responded.

About Jess Clarke

If you check out Jess on her Instagram, she revealed today that Ben Higgins has been her secret boyfriend for a while. She shares a lot of photos including one of her holding a goat and also going to a good friend’s wedding.

Jess Clarke’s real name is Jessica and she is from Nashville. She also has a site called Sitter Bank in her profile, but you can’t tell what it is because the site is overloaded with new requests. Her younger brother plays baseball at Vanderbilt and she seems like his biggest fan. Jess shared that she has two brothers. It also looks like she is a big hockey fan.

What do you think of Ben Higgins’ new girlfriend? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and don’t miss watching Colton Underwood on The Bachelor on Mondays on ABC.

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