‘Little People, Big World’: Baby J Tests And Entertains Mom Tori Roloff In Cute Video Clip

Tori and Jackson Roloff together

Little People, Big World fans know that Baby J (Jackson) often entertains his mom Tori Roloff with his antics. Fortunately, Tori often captures the moments and shares cute video clips of the little boy. Fan-favorite, young Jackson hardly ever fails to bring a smile to fans of the TLC show. This time, he made Tori giggle but he also tests the boundaries, to his mom’s frustration.

Little People, Big World Baby J’s tough tummy exercises

Tori took to her Instagram Stories on Monday, February 18 to share a short clip of Baby J doing some tough tummy exercises to Little People, Big World fans. Certainly, it looked quite difficult and Tori was totally entertained by him. Actually, all you can hear is her laughing at her little boy. She told him to do it again and again, and he managed it. Incredibly, Tori says she tried it later on, and it really ain’t easy!

Calling it the scorpion move,” she said “Nope! It’s so hard,” adding that Jackson must have some seriously strong ab muscles. The clip which was very brief was captioned with “Coolest kid ever” and “what is this even?” Little Jackson seemed to think whatever it is, it was great fun and he laughed while he did it. You can check out the fancy move in the clip near the end of this article.


Entertainment and testing mom Tori Roloff

Jackson really comes across as someone with a huge sense of humor. Fortunately, he seems to laugh easily and delight in making his family smile. Baby J entertained more than a few Little People, Big Word fans in his short lifespan so far. We saw him grooving and dancing to music, playing soccer, and tussling with his dog Murphy. But, we seldom get to see him test his mom.

In the next portion of her Instagram story, Tori showed a clip she captioned with, “Why is this his favorite thing to do right after mom cleaned up?” Baby J stood in a clean and tidy room, wearing his little jacket and colorful diaper. The room, neat and clean, showed his toy box full of his blocks and bits. Bending down, Jackson picked it up above his head and poured it all out on the floor. Then, he looked directly at his mom.

Baby J gives his mom a long, testing look

That look that Jackson gave his mom said more than words ever could. It was quite a long, testing look, almost as if to say, “what you gonna do about it?” Then he turned to his toys and the clip ended.

What do think about Baby J entertaining his mom with the “scorpion move? Have you tried it? If you haven’t, rest assured Tori’s right – it takes really strong ab muscles. Did you think he was testing mom Tori Roloff by pouring all his toys out on the floor where she’s just cleaned up? Sound off in the comments below.

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