‘I Am Jazz’: Ahmir Steward Shares Valentine Wishes For Jazz And Her Parents

I Am Jazz: Ahmir - Jazz - Boyfriend

I Am Jazz fans only recently saw a bit of Jazz’s boyfriend, Ahmir Steward. However, now that word’s out, he spends a bit of time updating new-found fans on his Instagram. On Valentine’s Day, he took to his Instagram stories to share his best wishes for both her and her parents. In fact, he said, “I usually don’t celebrate [Valentine’s Day,]” which made his message even sweeter.

Jazz Jennings’ parents met Ahmir for the first time

In a recent episode of the TLC show, fans found out Gregg and Jeanette laid some ground rules for his first visit to Jazz’s home. For them, a stranger coming to their home to court their daughter brought some caution. Obviously, Jazz hoped they liked him. Actually, he probably felt the flutters as well. Who hasn’t experienced the dread of potentially coming up against parents who don’t like their teenager’s date?

Referring to that in a way, he said in his story, “Happy Valentine’s Day to Jeanette (Momma J). I still remember the first time we met! I may not always show it but you have touched my heart in a very very special way. I’ll always be grateful for you and Gregg (Poppa G) for everything you’ve done for me. Thank you for welcoming me into your home.”

Ahmir Steward also shares his Valentine for Jazz Jennings

Of course, Valentine’s wishes for Jazz took the top spot for Ahmir. We know from previous posts that Ahmir’s simply not the gushy type. Reticent and careful with his words, sometimes, he says nothing all. Therefore, we could safely assume his feelings for Jazz go deeper than his message. However, the message came over as sweet and sincere.

His message to Jazz read, “Happy Valentine’s to you. I don’t normally celebrate, but despite everything we’ve gone through, we still make each other smile. That’s special.” He added that Jazz is “definitely” his “best friend.” While that sounds like possibly they had some hard times, Ahmir clarified that they have a future. He wrote, “Trust that this is only the beginning of a long journey.” He closed off by saying, “This love is infinity.”

Instagram Valentine’s Day joke

Less seriously, Ahmir later posted a photo to his Instagram. Joking, he captioned it with, “blah blah — I forgot the original caption💕💕 Happy Thursday.” In the picture, he and Jazz and friends looked to enjoy each other’s company. Fans love his caption. Some comments came out and @anna.srewolf wrote, “Ngl this is like the best caption I’ve ever heard❗️💯 @ahmirsteward.” Meanwhile, @janes601, liked the post, writing, “Best times are when you spend it with your best friend’s enjoy.”

What do you think of Ahmir Steward including Jazz’s parents in his Valentine’s wishes? Do you think that’s very sweet of him? Jazz also looks likes she’s still very precious to him. Do you think their love will last for “infinity?” Sound off in the comments below.

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