‘I Am Jazz’: Fans Caution Jazz Jennings Over New Boyfriend Ahmir

I Am Jazz: Jazz Jennings

I Am Jazz fans know that Jazz Jennings dated Ahmir for some time, from spoilers last year. In the recent episode, they know her dad Gregg, set some house rules about her new boyfriend. Well, Jazz seemed to make her dad uncomfortable with all her open talk about her bottom surgery. In fact, he certainly looked uncomfortable as she discussed intimate details about Ahmir’s visit. For once, even her mom Jeanette cautioned her not to rush things.

I Am Jazz fans caution Jazz on rushing things

During the latest episode, January 12, Jazz took to her Twitter and asked fans how they felt about Ahmir. Until now, it’s hard to gauge much about him, but people who follow them on social media know they dated a while. Well, much like her Mom Jeanette, many of them cautioned her on rushing it. Jeanette reminded Jazz that she only just had her bottom surgery and has to wait for ages before anything can happen anyway.

In the episode, we saw Jazz throwing a minor tantrum as her dad seems to focus on sexual issues instead of what she really wants. Actually, she wants to do things like kiss and cuddle and explore as other couples do. Meanwhile, her dad’s unhappy that a stranger might want physical contact in the house. Eventually, he makes the rules and these include no closed bedroom doors and no staying overnight in the house.

Fans worry new boyfriend Ahmir has no job

Just like her dad, many fans grew concerned when she mentioned Ahmir’s unemployment status and no college enrollment. Okay, so he did manage to graduate high school, but in her own words, she said that she’s motivating him to go to college. For a bright and extremely ambitious person, perhaps that lack of drive could become a problem. Here’s what some I Am Jazz followers said about it:

  • Tori: “Happy to see you so happy. But as a mom, my first concern is why doesn’t he have a job or go to school? Did he know of you as (a) celeb b4 you met? Take it slow. Make sure he has goals and is driven. You deserve happiness.”
  • Analiza: “As a mom, I’m going to say WATCH OUT. Until this episode, I did not realize you were valedictorian. Interesting that at 19 he is not focused on a path in life. Never settle for less than you deserve. I haven’t seen enough to form an opinion, just would like to see you happy.”
  • Sara: ” I’m excited for you but a bit concerned that he has no solid goals for the future. Self-motivation is important.”

However, others felt that he didn’t really try and rush her into anything and came across as quite mature. Others wondered how come he arrived at the house and climbed out of the back seat. Did TLC supply the car, or is his dad loaded? In any event, Jazz seems particularly happy with him. She posted up a photo of them together on her Instagram.


Jazz Jennings Instagram

On her Instagram, Jazz again found some feedback from fans. Her photo (above), garnered a few more thoughts from her followers. In the case of Instagram, more comments came from people who just wished them both well. However, some of them felt their relationship would be better off private and not flashed around the world on TLC.

What do you think of the fact that fans felt they should caution her about rushing into a relationship? Do you think it’s a legitimate concern that she has to motivate him to go to college? Is her dad too strict about staying over and closed bedroom doors? Have your say in the comments section below.

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One Comment

  1. I love Jazz Jennings. She is an open, authentic beautiful person, and such a pretty young women. She deserves happiness and only the best. Perhaps her most attractive trait is her intelligence and being so articulate. Her drive to succeed, be a valedictorian, an entrepreneur, and making a difference in peoples lives is to be admired.

    With her education and background, I found it concerning she found a “very kind” boy friend who is 19 years old, but has no job and no plans for college and a career. Jazz could attend most any college she desires and her future is bright. I pictured her meeting her prince charming in college, and a student of similar intelligence.

    I do not think Jazz’s father was overly strict. In fact, over the years, both Jeanette and Greg appear to be very permissive. He is just being a protective father (and rightfully so). Jazz may be 18 years old, but is quite immature with relationships, only having had a few “play dates” and had never kissed passionately. Most teenagers stumble through this getting intimate stage in baby steps. This is a necessary experience for Jazz, ands we hope it works out well.

    The author states “she wants to do things like kiss and cuddle”. That is what one would expect, but some of the comments Jazz has made on her show in the past leads one to believe she is open to much more.

    Jazz states that Ahmir is “…one of the most brilliant people I have ever met”. I don’t get it, 19 years old, unemployed and no plans for college and a career, yet brilliant? Historically women have incorrectly believed they could change their loves for the better. I am not sure prodding Ahmir to attend college (if he is academically capable) is realistic. It requires Ahmir to have an inner drive and desire to achieve.

    Who paid for Ahmir’s flight to Florida, his hotel stay and meals?

    Best wishes Jazz.

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