‘Unexpected’ Update: Chloe Mendoza Confirms If She Is Returning for Season 3

Chloe Mendoza from Instagram

There’s some exciting news for the fans who liked Chloe Mendoza and her boyfriend Max Schenzel on Unexpected. Chloe has confirmed that she will be returning for the 3rd season of Unexpected. Two months ago another mother Laura Barron, revealed that she was the only mom who was not asked to return for a third season.

However, Emiley Noack revealed later that she wouldn’t be returning for another season either, all because her ex-boyfriend Diego Reyes wouldn’t sign for another season. There’s some OG’s who are obviously going to come back, Mckayla Adkins and Lexus Scheller, they are fan favorites. The excitement for the new season is definitely rising between the fans.

Chloe reveals the news

No one could tell if Chloe would be returning or not. She’s still a minor which causes her mother to have to sign, and fans were not very fond of her. Chloe’s mother didn’t have the best experience for their first season. However, Jessica seems to want to give it another try, along with Chloe, Max, and their cute little baby girl. They agreed to be on another season just weeks after the offer was sent out. Max’s harassment act was lifted just about a month ago, which is a relief for the producers, it’d be pretty boring to film Chloe and her baby without the baby’s father.

Jessica recently took out the injunction after an incident where Max supposedly put his hands on Chloe, she then had it dismissed soon after they agreed to another season. Chloe looks insanely happy on social media, especially since she can be around Max again. Ava, their daughter had a photoshoot with her parents. The photos were then posted on Instagram and they got such good feedback in the comment section. There will still be tons of drama for Chloe this upcoming season. Fans know that Chloe’s parents will never accept Max. They have hated him from the start and the legal trouble probably didn’t make his case any better.


Another update

Unexpected fans are so pumped for this new season. Mckayla Adkins had another baby just recently! Fans have been following up on her Youtube channel where she talks about her kids and her relationship with Caelin. Things still don’t seem good for the two of them and fans are very curious to see if they end up together again. There’s going to be a lot of drama on the third season, more than ever. Viewers can’t wait to see all of it unfold, stay tuned for more drama between this cast on Season 3 of Unexpected

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