’90 Day Fiance’ Ashley Martson, Jay Smith Quit Being Celebrities

90 Day Fiance: Ashley Martson - Jay Smith

90 Day Fiance fans were shocked by an admission that Ashley Martson made February 10, that she and Jay Smith never separated. Now, it seems they totally quit being celebrities. Along the rocky road this week, Ashley also shoveled a lot of the problem onto TLC, blaming them for the split charade. Furious fans felt duped and an outcry over their fraudulent behavior arose on social media.

90 Day Fiance celebrity status demands too much

Apparently, having dished on the fact they never split and then Jay ran a duplicate Instagram account, it looked like the end game for Ashley and Jay. In her post confirming they never separated, Ashley mentioned that by making the announcement she broke the non-disclosure agreement with TLC. In fact, that meant no payment from them. Speaking to Radar Online, she said that “they have quit the series after filming for the spinoff 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?.” Possibly, that’s the payments she spoke about.

90 Day Fiance brought some celebrity status to the pair, but they just had enough of it all. “We want our old life back.” We’re over being celebrities,” she told Radar. According to Ashley, they just want to go back to where things before and get focussed on their relationship. However, it may not be so easy to ever get their lives back. She lost her best friend, picked up loads of critics for their fakery, and allegedly, lost some sponsorships. Some fans of 90 Day Fiance now question how real her Lupus is.

Ashley Martson says self-employment’s the way forward

Continuing her conversation with Radar, Ashley said they now have a “pajama and underwear line coming.” Plus, recall that Jay signed some rep deal with the Limingtree Date App back in early January. Presumably, this will continue to bring in some cash. Additionally, Jay advertises for tattoo work. Self-employment sounds good, but social media’s an unforgiving place. These days, without a good name to any brand, getting off the ground’s really difficult.

Blaming TLC for instructing them to make out they split, in an earlier Instagram Story, Ashley said they were made to deceive their followers. Actually, that brought loads of backlash from followers of 90 Day Fiance and ruined their reputation. However, once caught out as a fake or a fraud, whoever believes a word anyone says anymore? As far as fans go, the couple, already dead in the water won’t wash the mud off their faces any time soon.


Jay Smith and Ashley quit but remain celebrities for all the wrong reasons

Jay Smith and Ashley say they quit, but until TLC say anything officially, fans can only take their word for it. Obviously, until then, they remain celebrities for all the wrong reasons. While Ashley posted Radar’s story to her Instagram, she locked the commenting. Not surprising, really. However, over on Twitter, fans still speak out about it.

“Well well well 90 Day Fiance is FAKE. The show is scripted and acted out. Take it for what it is good a scripted series,” noted @Here4theshit. Of course, lots of people know that already, but as they later added, “Ashely and Jay took it to a whole new level.”

What do you think about Ashley Martson and Jay Smith quitting TLC and being celebrities? Do you think TLC forced them into fakery? Or did they just take it way too far? Will you buy their products? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. Their alleged separation was never portrayed as they did not disguise that they were consistently living and scheming together. Reports that Jay rushed to a flight to be at Ashley’s side insulted the intelligence of viewers who saw Jay and Ashley almost daily in their endless promotional selfies and videos published abundantly online. They bragged about their home tattoo parlor in which Jay worked and about which they advertised. For them to claim that it was the issue of a TLC requirement that they pretend to be apart that created their reputation as shameless liars and thieves is further evidence of their blatant sociopathy. To have suggested that their demise was in any way the fault of TLC is their pattern of feigned victimization. This pair endlessly “leaked” restricted information themselves, blaming others and pretending upset, all orchestrated on their own through the use of fictional identities on FB and IG. Their fabrications were constant, from fictional illnesses including a hospitalization, two surgeries, dialysis, an impending kidney transplant, home care nurses, a coma, two live-in children, phony marriages and weddings, non-existent employment and phony credentials, falsified phony medical records, a publicist, a team of cosmetologists and, of most significance, a fabricated tale of sorrow aggressively promoted on numerous sites with pleas for monetary donations including even through PayPal and directly to a Post Office box address. Single-handedly, they severely damaged a formerly successful reality television show and tarnished the reputation of TLC including repeatedly stating that their behavior was scripted by TLC and that their inability to be truthful and ethical was the fault of their non disclosure agreement. They corroded the image of GoFundMe, a tragic happening. Many viewers feel soiled and shamed as if they were dragged into the filthy gutters.with these two criminals. A healing period is most assuredly a necessity.

  2. Blood sucking money mongers. It is also rumored that they even put a down payment on a house. I knew from the very beginning Jay was in no way descriminated against by her neighbors like they claimed. There may still be racism in this country, but they both took it to new heights.

    Buy clothes from their supposed line, I wouldn’t have before and wouldn now 🤬

  3. That Ashley and Jay were at no time separated never presented concern to their viewers as the couple now states. For them to claim that because TLC required them to pretend otherwise, this pair clearly did not resign from their contractual association with TLC as they allege in protest of their contractual obligation to deceive fans. This is merely further evidence of the couple’s profound sociopathy for which they are well known as a result exclusively of their never-ending overt participation in openly dishonest practices. Just as Ashley terminated her GoFundMe site clearly in an effort to avoid criminal prosecution, it is apparent that their departure from TLC, more than likely the result of having been terminated, occurs just when their behavior has finally so outraged viewers who have been posting procedures through which to make referrals for criminal prosecution.

    The despicable antics of this pair has surely destroyed the reputation of the formerly popular program ’90 Day Finance, tarnished fully the perception of the existence of any ethics in the performance of TLC and, of greatest significance, dirtied the vital service provided by GoFundMe. Ashley’s and Jay’s reputation as thieves and liars results from their consistent openly dishonest and greedy participation in schemes that both defrauded and misled viewers including and not limited to fabricated illnesses, a coma and questionable hospitalization, two fictitious surgeries, dialysis, imminent kidney transplant, an invented perforated ulcer, the presentation of phony fully altered “medical records”, two live-in children, concocted marriages and weddings, mega star status, their “publicist” and team of cosmetologists, non-existent employment and credentials, their own constant “leaking” of restricted information through the use of false identities on sites such as Facebook and Instagram while cruelly assigning such antics to innocent others and harshly and severely damaging such individuals as they feigned outrage and absurdly provided unrealistic explanations regularly intended to account for their misdeeds while at all times assigning culpability to their non-disclosure agreements with TLC that required such fraudulent acts. On numerous sites, their entirely fabricated tale of sorrow aggressively presented to readers accompanied by orchestrated pleas for financial donations made payable even to PayPal and to their personal published Post Office Box followed by their published bragging at having nearly immediately collected $100,00 through Clickbait and their display of excessive expenditures including that of a “Rolex” watch without regard for the consequences to those sacrificing strangers who donated to their feigned desperate causes, a further graphic illustration that both Ashley and Jay own no conscience and no concern for the consequences of their thievery, whatsoever.

    It is an insult to the intelligence of all observers to read their current dictated widespread tale through numerous online gossip forums regarding TLC’s requirement that they were to dishonestly claim to be separated from one another. Their protestation that it is their personal codes of ethics that prohibits them from further association with TLC that requires scripted cast performances is, at best, dishonest and disgraceful. Given their endless boasting through the use of selfies, videos and live IG presentations that revealed Jay’s constant presence in addition to their pleas for customers to retain Jay for their in-home tattoo parlor, such deceptions and revisionist history is just ridiculous.

    Their arrogant openly-false deceptions alienated their most loyal and naive fans. A great many viewers are embarrassed and surely feel soiled as a result of their having been victims of crimes openly committed by predators Ashley and Jay. A period of healing will certainly be required. Regrettably, any notion that this pair will abandon their self-promoting efforts to empty the wallets of strangers is, so sadly, laughable.

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