‘Little People, Big World’: Matt Roloff’s Mom Rocks A Tiara At Her 77th Birthday Dinner

Little People, Big World: Peggy, Ron, Matt Roloff

Little People, Big World patriarch Matt Roloff shared that they celebrated his mom’s 77th birthday. At the dinner, his mom rocked a tiara and looked very well and happy. In fact, the day before the dinner, Matt happily shared that he and his folks got to hang out in Wickenburg, AZ for the day. Caryn arranged the outing which looked like loads of fun. Of course, Matt’s parents aren’t featured on the TLC show these days, so it was a treat for fans to see them looking so well.

Little People, Big World mom rocks a tiara

Back when Matt’s folks were on the show, they always came across to fans as good fun and kind. Actually, the last time Little People, Big World fans saw them on television regularly, was back in the 2014 special New Year, Big Changes. In fact, still keeping that playful spirit, on her 77th birthday, Peggy rocked a tiara and a huge smile. Fans were so thrilled to see that Matt still has his parents. Of course, now Peggy and Ron Roloff recently became great-grandparents to Jackson and Ember, so smiling at life’s blessings rock as well.

Earlier, on Peggy’s birthday, out and about in Wickenburg, Matt’s parents wore matching flannel. Fans of the TLC show thought they looked really cute together. Some of them felt that Matt should also wear the same, just for fun. At the birthday dinner, Matt noted that they were “celebrating my amazing and beautiful mom on her 77th birthday. Happy Birthday mom (Huny).” At the dinner, the flannel looked warm and cozy too. Mind you, the food looked great as well.


Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler celebrated the 77th birthday with dinner

Matt and Caryn Chandler have a home in Surprise, AZ, and visit there from Oregon where the Roloff farms are situated. At the moment, Matt’s parents still live in California, but at least visit him. In fact, they still sometimes visit Oregon as well, as Good Housekeeping noted in April last year. It seems the main reason we don’t see so much of them centers around the distance. However, in the Little People, Big World episode, titled ‘Four Generations of Roloffs,’ the family threw Zach a party to celebrate his first Father’s Day after his son Jackson was born. Peggy and Ron joined the festivities.

Matt’s mom still looks very much the same as always. At 77-years-old, she looks well and spritely. Fans of LPBW love it that Matt got the time to share the special day with her. Here’s what some of them had to say about it:

  • @leanne_erbs: “Your Mom & Dad look so cute together in their matching shirts. Happy Birthday Huny all the way from New Zealand!”
  • @skeetersmommy: “Happy Birthday!!!! They both look the same from the first season. Amazing genes'”
  • @fredizao: “This is for sure the best phase of your life, Matt! Glad to see you happy! Kisses from Brazil..”
  • @joanne1594: “You are blessed to still have her ❤️”
  • @foleyd777: “God bless – happy 77 birthday to you mom.”


Peggy and Ron maintain good relationships with the LPBW family

Parents feel the pain when their children divorce and go through difficult times. However, Matt’s parents still maintain good relationships with Amy, their son Matt, and by the looks of it, Caryn Chandler as well. Parents who stick by their family through thick and thin deserve a special pat on the back. After all, taking sides comes naturally to humans.

What do you think about how well Matt Roloff’s mom looks at her 77th birthday celebrations? Do you love the way she rocks her tiara and looks full of fun? Let us know your feelings in the comments below.

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