‘Little People, Big World’: Jackson Roloff Looks Uncannily Similar To His Uncle Jacob

LPBW Jackson Roloff

Little people, Big World fans fell in love with Jackson Roloff (Baby J). His uncle, Jacob Roloff, the brother of Jeremy and Zach (Jackson’s dad), looks uncannily similar to his nephew Jackson. Occasionally, on his Instagram, Jacob posts a picture of Baby J that shows a similarity in looks. However, his most recent one on Friday night (February 8), shows a striking likeness.

Little People, Big World fans miss Jacob Roloff on the show

Jacob left the TLC show, as did his brother Jeremy. Actually, fans of Little People, Big World miss seeing Jacob, so it’s nice that he shares quite a bit of his life through his social media. Also, fans got to read some insights into him when he published his book, Out to See that released towards the end of May last year. Sometimes, fans still see Jacob hanging out and helping during the Pumpkin Season.

So, when Jacob posts up stuff, lots of people like to see his posts. Actually, similarities between Jackson and his Uncle Jacob were never really that obvious initially. Some earlier photos never really made an impact, but as Jackson grows, their twin-like appearance becomes more obvious.

Fans first noticed the similar looks of Jackson Roloff and Jacob early last year

In March 2018, LPBW fans saw a post by Jacob that showed Jackson sitting on a table next to him. Their expressions look uncannily similar. Captioning it in a funny way, Jacob said that Jackson made a “funny noise.” Fans liked the photo, but the comments started coming out about their looks. Here’s what some fans of Little People, Big World had to say about it:

  • @k9chick: “Jackson looks a LOT like you Jacob!!!!”
  • @q_t_pi_2: “He definitely has the Roloff genes-they look identical. This picture is frame worthy.”
  • @twdsuperfan20101986: “Jackson looks A lot like Jacob Roloff.”
  • @kahnee8339: “I think he looks like Jacob.”

Meanwhile, some fans noticed the similarity between Jeremy and Jacob. In fact, one of them pointed out that Jeremy looks more like Jacob than his twin brother, Zach.


Latest uncannily similar photo on Instagram

The latest photo that Jacob posted shows an even more uncanny similarity. In this shot, taken by @toriroloffphotography, the pair wears the same type of knitted hats and both wear jackets. Jackson, held by Jacob, looks into the camera with a smile. Jacob also smiles and there definitely is a huge similarity in the facial expressions. From the casual smiles to the shape of the eyes and even that little crease around the mouth, they look very much the same.

Little People, Big World fans once again picked up on them looking like twins. “Omg he looks just like you,” noted Instagram user, tanyaanderson1977. Then, one comment from @scooter69674 was funny but accurate, when they wrote, “Holy twins.”


Jackson Roloff may appear on the next season of LPBW

Little People, Big World patriarch, Matt Roloff said on one of his posts that he babysat Jackson while Tori and Zach went off for their film shooting for the series. That encouraged fans of the show who hope it returns to TLC this year. Tori Roloff also mentioned the film crew shooting and the probability of a spring release. Obviously, fans of the show hope that Jackson appears on the new show. In fact, more than that, they may even see something of Jacob and Jeremy at family events like birthdays.

What do you think of the uncannily similar looks of Jackson Roloff and his uncle Jacob? Do you think they look like “twins?” Sound off in the comments below.

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