‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Not Adding A Fifth Wife To The Mix

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives fans wondered if Kody Brown would take on a fifth wife but he’s not adding a new one to the mix. In fact, on a Facebook group, the subject became something of a conversation starter. Many fans hoped he did not, as they felt life must be hard enough with four women and jealousy issues. However, it turns out that Kody’s not the king who makes all the decisions. In fact, Jenelle Brown told Fox News that decisions made involve collective give and take.

Sister Wives decision-making explained

According to Stephanie Nolasco, of Fox News, the Browns told Fox that their show set out to inform the people about plural families. Actually, the current season of Sister Wives aims at showing some of the group decision-making. Fans already saw in the current season, some of the ins and outs of that process. In particular, this relates to the choices they made about Meri. Recall that Meri went to the family for a downpayment loan on her house. In the end, the decision came out as a “no.” Eventually, Meri went and raised the money on her own.

Fans watched the episode where Meri told her sister wives and Kody how she did it on her own. However, you may recall that the other wives questioned her on why she kept repeating “on my own.” Their perplexity may arise from what Janelle said to Fox. They quoted her as saying that no “one person calls the shots for everybody.” She also explained how the sister wives get involved as a family. According to her, “It’s a process and it’s a lot of diplomacy, a lot of negotiation, a lot of give and take.” She also explained that everything is discussed as a family. In fact, the collective decision is always made for the benefit of the whole family.

Kody Brown taking on a fifth wife?

Robyn Brown also spoke about the dynamics of how it all works. Actually, she noted that they could only manage their lifestyle through their faith. As fundamentalist Mormons, they try and treat each other in a “Christ-like” way.  This helps with such a big family, and of course, with any jealousy issues. Obviously, taking on a fifth wife would involve a lot of discussions. No doubt, they would also pray and meditate and try and do the right thing in the in the eyes of God.

Talking about the idea of a fifth wife, Kody Brown specifically says “We took it off the table.” The collective decision-making actually seems in force on this one. Kody added that the subject and speculation of whether a fifth sister wife is in the mix keeps arising. However, he said that ever since the show started, a fifth sister wife was casually dismissed. In fact, since 2010, it looks like the decisions involved four wives and no more.


Does Kody still have four wives in the current mix?

While the current Sister Wives season runs, fans wonder if Meri Brown still lives with the family. Many of her fans on social media hoped she got her B&B going and went to live there. After Kody divorced Meri to marry Robyn, they felt she suffered a lot of pain. Then came the eternal catfish incident that keeps cropping up season after season. Meri’s fans hope she put it all behind and went away to make her own life.

Of interest, is that Fox News interviewed Kody Brown, Janelle, Robyn, and Christine. Actually, the lack of any comments by Meri indicates her unavailability to talk.

What do you think of the fact that the Brown family says they negotiate everything? Do you think Kody Brown and his sister wives discussed a fifth wife? And, oh yeah, do you find it odd that Fox didn’t quote Meri? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. This season shows just how manipulative Kody is and how desperate his wives, sans Meri, are to get his approval. He has bragged in the background about how he manipulated them to agree to the move, then he is secretly planning to build one house. He is a liar and those women can vote all day long but in the end Kody will do exactly what he wants to…and the women will think they gave him permission. It appears they are probably going to lose everything again due to his narcissistic mishandling of their assets. I feel sorry for the women because in the end they believe their eternal Salvation is dependent on their marriage to him.

    1. I agree. From the beginning Kody has been manipulative & had the hots for Robyn. The move is so ridiculous. They did not take their children’s wants and needs into consideration. This is what Kody wanted and he better hope that it is a success. I don’t like him and I feel sorry for all the woman but Robyn. Meri needs to go out on her own. I also think it is interesting that none of the children who have married have wanted multiple mates

  2. All of the wives need to leave him in the Flagstaff dust. He treats them like they are worthless. He has no respect for how they feel. He wants one huge Domain, where he can rule… I love the wives and children. But, Kody is just an ugly over powered man…

  3. I agree with all of the comments about Kody being manipulative. I know it’s not the norm of polygamists, but if love is meant to share, why don’t they bring a few more husbands into the mix. See how Kody handles that!

  4. It is just a shame that the only thing we see is what “TLC” wants/shows us. Not the real situations going on in the family. I have enjoyed watching the Show, and having the opportunity to see polygamy in this way. One thing for sure is that the five parents are doing something right because their children seem respectful an happy.

  5. All reality shows are cut and never give all that happens. The producers manipulate each episode for higher viewer ratings. Unless you are there , you won’t k how exactly what is said or happens. Fake news all over social media not just on the lovely Browns but many other reality show families or groups of friends . I love watching My sister wives and wish each of them the best for the future. #Family #Strongwomen #love # well grounded kids

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