’90 Day Fiance’: Nicole Nafziger Defends Azan Tefou Over Weight-loss Problems

90 Day Fiance: Nicole Nafziger

90 Day Fiance fans know that Nicole Nafziger struggles with her weight. Recently, fans speculated that Azan Tefou, her fiance, is the root cause of her issues. However, Nicole took to Instagram to defend Azan, saying her weight-loss problems have nothing to do with him. In fact, she pointed out the opposite, saying that he never discourages her.

’90 Day Fiance’s’ Azan Tefou once said her weight puts him off

Fans of 90 Day Fiance can’t really be blamed for assuming he causes her body-shaming issues. After all, he once told her if she does not “go to the gym” and “get healthy” he was not sure that he would go to America. He also said that her weight put him off and he only found her about “55 percent” physically attractive. On top of that, he felt she was lazy. Obviously, that would put the pressure on anyone. Judging by a recent Instagram Story she is under pressure and not in a good place.

Describing her weight-loss battle as “exhausting mentally and emotionally,” could mean she’s under pressure. This is especially in the light of an Instagram Story where she spoke about people who want to help their friends “or partner lose weight.” They should rather start praising them “for what they do right,” she wrote. Actually, this came after she said they should “stop criticizing them for what they do wrong.” Could she have referred to Azan when she wrote “partner?”

Nicole Nafziger’s long defending weight-loss story

Obviously upset about the Azan theory, Nicole took to her Instagram Stories Monday, posting a long and defensive note. Defensively, she said, “A lot of people seem to think that Azan is the reason I am struggling with my weight loss journey and that’s not true.” Additionally, she clarified this by adding that in fact, “Azan has been super support in my journey and knows how I struggle with it.”

Going further, Nicole elaborated to 90 Day Fiance followers that Azan is “never discouraging.” Additionally, according to Nicole, “he never talks down my efforts even if it means starting all over.” She adds that he “believes” in her and tells her that he “knows” she can do it. Plus, Nicole also clarified that she took on her weight-loss challenge for her and nobody else. Furthermore, she noted that she feels encouraged when other people find motivation through her diet and workout.


Nicole tried to stay upbeat

It seems that historically, Nicole really tried to stay upbeat about this year’s weight-loss effort. Just a while back in January, she posted up a photo. She captioned it with, “Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do.” Actually, she notes it should not “be a punishment” for being the person they are.

What do you think about Nicole Nafziger defending Azan Tefou on her weight-loss issue? Do you think she sounds pressured by him?

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  1. Delusion. Pure delusion. Get on an actual diet plan. People telling you that you need an actual program are not criticizing. Sticking up for her grifting gigolo is embarrassing.

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