‘Counting On’: Duggar Family Share Rare Felicity Pic With No Head Cover

Counting On: Felicity Vuolo

Counting On fans got treated to a rare photo of Baby Felicity without a head cover. The Duggar Family Official Facebook page posted up the photo of the little cutie pie. Jinger also shared the same photo on her Instagram. Fans seldom see Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo’s daughter without a head cover. Certainly, she looks adorable with her bows and knitted caps, but fans complained for some time now that they want to see her hair.

Counting On Felicity photo looks very cute with no head cover

Followers of Counting On who don’t get onto Instagram very much may wonder why no head cover on Felicity matters. Well, over on Jinger Duggar Vuolo’s account, the head cover debate started almost from the day of Felicity’s birth. The beautiful range of bows, bands and knitted caps really appeal to lots of followers and they make Felicity look very cute and pretty.

However, not seeing her without a cover made some fans wonder if she even has any hair. Really, this shouldn’t be a big deal, but die-hard fans needing a no-hat picture can now relax. Yes, the little girl has hair and yes, she’s not blonde. In the photo, Felicity wears a blue and white striped outfit with yellow trim around the neck. Of course, as is usual with this happy-looking little girl, she also wears a huge smile and her big eyes sparkle. She sports light hair down on the sides of her head and dark hair on top, which could possibly turn out auburn.

Duggar Family debate about head covers

The Counting On debate¬†about head covers sparked some controversy back in August. As Hollywood Life pointed out in November, some fans accused Jinger of putting Felicity in harm’s way by putting on the headbands and bows. They felt this presented “suffocation hazards.” Jinger also dressed the smallest member of the Duggar family in turban-like head wraps. For a while, Jinger faced controversial accusations of cultural appropriation.

Nevertheless, Jinger ignored most of the haters which shows she’s not going to let anyone tell her how to dress her own daughter. Actually, the number of people who presume to tell her what to do grows exponentially. However, the couple garners a lot of support from loyal fans of the show who try their best to protect their fan-favorite.


Michelle Duggar put bows on Jinger when she was small

Jinger Duggar turned out just fine and her mom, Michelle put bows and bands on her head as an infant. Those Counting On fans who said covers could cause some sort of hair damage should perhaps chill a bit. They need to only look back at scenes where Jinger and her mom reminisced through a photo album of her growing up. As a baby, Jinger wore the bows and knits and her hair looks awesome today.

Judging from the photo showing¬†Felicity with no head cover, there’s nothing wrong with her hair at all. At six-months-old, the baby looks fine. What do you think about all the head cover debate? Do you think Felicity looks perfect with or without the bows and knits? Sound off in the comments below.

The new season of the Duggar family returns to TLC February 11. In the meantime, check in with TV Shows Ace often for more news about Counting On.

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  1. For crying out loud, people have been putting coverings on children for years, people need to chill, keep your unwelcome comments to yourself.

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