‘Counting On’ Jinger Duggar Vuolo Shares Felicity Photo At Six-Months-Old

Counting On: Jinger Vuolo

Counting On fans saw a special milestone photo shared by Jinger Duggar Vuolo. Last night, she posted up a picture to celebrate Felicity turning six-months-old. Her Instagram reveals a photo for every month that Jeremy and Jinger’s daughter experienced. Actually, fans of the TLC show enjoy seeing how the little one rapidly grows into a beautiful child.

Counting On Season 4 includes Felicity

The new Counting On season arrives on February 11 and fans will see quite a lot of Jinger and Jeremy as they prepare for the birth of their daughter. Of course, from social media, we know the birth finally happened and Jinger survived the pain she feared so much. Still, die-hard fans look forward to sharing that journey with the Vuolo’s on TLC. Of the whole Duggar family, Jinger definitely scores high approval points and Felicity’s arrival boosted that even further.

Felicity arrived in the world on July 19, 2018.  Jeremy and Jinger, who also shared graphics of her pregnancy, quickly started sharing photos. On 19 August, the first of the monthly photos appeared on their Instagram. Felicity wore a knitted hat, tiny hand mittens and a stripy pink outfit. Her big eyes straight away caught the attention of Counting On fans. Take a look at the photo below.


Jinger Duggar Vuolo posts six-months-old photo five days after the milestone

Unusually for Jinger, the photo of Felicity hitting six months came five days after the milestone day.  The second month’s picture came two days after, and the others all within a day or so. The big six one may have been delayed as the Vuolo’s were away in Atlanta for the G3 Conference. Of course, Felicity went along with them. Already, their little girl manages to clock up the air-miles.

In the photo Jinger shared with Counting On fans, Felicity once again wears a knitted hat. Jinger loves to adorn her head with hats and bows, just like Michelle did with the infant Jinger in some of the 19 Kids and Counting throwbacksFelicity’s dressed in a floral design with a pink background. Actually, one of the earliest photos of Felicity showed her in a floral outfit on a black background. Somehow, it works for this pretty little girl.


How Felicity Vuolo grew

Comparing the two photos above, fans of Counting On see that Felicity really blossomed in the past five months. A happy child with sparkling eyes, she smiles a lot. Obviously, she grew bigger and at six months she looks totally aware. Also, fans seem to think she looks a lot like her mom Jinger. Fans had this say about Felicity’s half-birthday:

  • @smathew20: “Just imagine when she’s older! She will be so beautiful just like Jinger ❤️.”
  • @kaia.kay: “I’ve never seen a happier baby.”
  • @batgirl1204: “@jingervuolo she is so pretty and has your beautiful looks.”
  • @thetoddlersapprentice: “She is so happy. So so happy. What a blessing.”

What do you think of the comparison between the photo of Felicity at one-month-old and six-months-old? Do you think the photos Jinger Vuolo shared are the cutest?  Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

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