Meri Brown Of ‘Sister Wives’ Gets Entire B&B To Herself, Doesn’t Share With Kody and Wives

Meri Brown: Sister Wives

Meri Brown of Sister Wives approached Kody Brown and the other wives to help fund her bed and breakfast, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. In the new season of the TLC show, Meri appears initially tearful and apologetic. However, she later said she was tempted to just say like “fine I just don’t need you guys.” Now, it looks like Meri ended up with the whole Lizzie Heritage Inn pie to herself.

Meri Brown’s joy turns to sorrow

When Meri first told the Sister Wives family that she got the loan for the Heritage Inn approved, happy faces lit up in joy. At least, until Kody asked about the down payment money. After that, joy turned to sorrow and Meri really fought her case. In the end, Kody said nope – no money to help her. However, Meri fought for it and eventually, the other Sister Wives offered to fund $40,000. In the meantime, Meri saved $40,000 from selling her clothing line.

Meri never took the $40,000 from the Sister Wives family by the looks of it. Perhaps because Kody said conditions included him sitting on the Board of Directors. Typically, he felt she needed help to run the business. Later, Meri said, “This is my baby…Once I get this house done, I don’t want to have any more business meetings about my house. I want to run my business my way.”

Lizzie’s Heritage Inn sole owner – Meri

Radar Online did some digging and reported that Meri’s the sole owner of Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. “In the Business Name Registration exclusively obtained from [the] State of Utah’s Department of Commerce, Meri is the only registered agent on the business,” they wrote. It certainly looks like Meri Brown got her way in the end. Actually, she clearly said that she didn’t want the rest of the family “controlling” her business and her house.

While Kody Brown may not sit on the Board of Directors, he did show up at the official opening in 2017. Sister Wives fans saw Meri post up a throwback photo of the opening. Kody, Mariah, and Meri stood alongside her mom Bonnie on the Lizzie’s Heritage Inn porch.

Guests enjoy partaking in Meri’s pie

Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, situated in Parowan, Utah belonged to Meri’s family. Actually, the name comes from her great-grandmother, Lizzie. In the late 1920s Lizzie lived there, and today many of her possessions decorate the walls. Reviews show they enjoy the historic home and the yummy food on the menu.

What do you think about Meri Brown getting her own way with Lizzie’s Heritage Inn? Do you think getting the whole pie of the business leaves room for her to go it alone in life if needs be? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. So Happy for you Meri! The whole time I was watching the show, I was hoping you would take this for yourself & the struggles you endured, while making this happen. It is disturbing to watch the other women turn your happiness into a issue, wondering if “THEY” -were part of your Investment & the B&B or upcoming cash flow (slow starter/loan mind you) would benefit “them”.
    Meri, many people want you to go your own way with this. You don’t have little ones to care for under your apron, and this is YOUR TIME–to run this business.
    The other women have different situation’s. One can tell you enjoy this new adventure. I’m not a fan of this constant bickering & complaining of you by the other women tearing you into tiny pieces & picking your brain. Do your own thing! (let the women visit for weekend ‘get aways’-& call it a day with this issue). I feel so sorry when they make you cry. Your dying to get your own thing going & Now you have. Your my fav. on the show & wish you the best on your endeavor’s & handling-mmm, ‘the family’. I would not wish to Ask for permission-all the time, either. The faces the other women made when the 2nd decision Kody made to tell Meri–“NO”- that the budget wasn’t there, was priceless & telling -(it broke your heart), …..and then off they trotted.

    (never commented on anything online before). Supportive of Meri. ++
    Margee Marquart

  2. Congrats Meri!!! You did it and you did it on your own!!! I hope that you will soon get the courage to leave your jealous and mean sister wives and Kody, who does not respect you nor does he want to have anything else to do with you, so he said on one of the shows, that was pretty hurtful and mean of him to say, he’s a jerk! You really need to leave them, you have proven that you are a strong woman and you can do it on your own, so go for it!

  3. Love Meri Brown and really glad her dreams came true as for the other your the ones that have the issuse’s you should leave them you sacifice your marriage status to Cody and this is how your get treated by him.

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