‘Seeking Sister Wife’ April Briney Partly Blames TLC For Her Flight From The Family

Seeking Sister Wife: April Briney

Seeking Sister Wife fans heard that this season TLC dropped the Briney family from the show. Turns out that April Briney left the family and partly blames TLC for her flight. The Briney Family Blog described how April left them and how they remain devastated by her going. April, however, took to her Facebook to reveal some of the events from her side.

Seeking Sister Wife April Briney took flight in May of last year

The Briney Family Blog explains that the drama last year, when April took flight from the family, actually featured in the TLC shoot for the Seeking Sister Wife series. They explain that despite the story being a different angle, showing the pain and devastation they dealt with, the showrunners decided against airing it. This came merely a month or so before the new season started on January 20, according to them.

From their perspective, they feel that when April took her kids “hiking” after Lenny and Laurelei’s birthday party and never came back, that she suffered from some mental issues. “We know that the mentally stable April would not have done the things that she’s done,” the blog said.

April blames TLC to a large degree

The day after the news came out about TLC dropping the Briney family, Seeking Sister Wife fans got a glimpse from the other side. April, Drew Briney’s first wife posted a long message on her Facebook page. In it, she said that she loved Drew deeply initially, but the involvement with TLC helped to mess things up. She wrote that she “followed him (Drew) onto the set of a television show.” April added that the “outward unraveling of the family” began there.

When she left, she stopped at the state line and told her children to “say goodbye to Oregon.” She notes that the children got out the car to watch the sunset and they “lined up of their own accord.” April elaborated on what followed, describing how the sheriff’s department chased after them and that reports were made about her mental state. Her words included, “drunk, on drugs, suicidal,” and a “mentally crazed mother.” April explained that allegedly she “kidnapped” her own kids and that they left involuntarily.  Anyway, at the time, leaving hurt her, but, she somehow found the courage to carry on with her journey back to Utah.


Here is a bit of what April said in her long post explaining. It was for her to leave her family from Seeking Sister Wife. She left in May of 2018.

“As I drove away from Oregon that poignant day my heart was drawn in pieces. I was leaving behind everything I knew and stepping into the complete unknown. I was leaving behind my husband of 20 years whom I had loved dearly and whom I felt I had given my all. (April) I was leaving behind all of my earthly possessions, the clothes, the art, the collection of treasured homeschooling supplies and best-loved books, everything was gone save a single random bag stuffed with odds and ends and the clothes on my back.”

April felt the relationship with Drew began unraveling even before TLC

While the allegation that joining the TLC show caused many of their issues remains, April elaborated on that as well, saying that an inward side existed as well. She said, “inwardly it had been unraveling for years, I had just been too hopeful, too naive to see. I had held onto hope, clenched it, demanded it… But it was not to be.”

Many fans over on Facebook stepped up to comfort and support April. Here’s what some of them had to say:

  • @Denise Laferriere Volpe: “Best of luck with your new journey. It’s approaching a year since this happened and I hope all is well and your life is going as you wished it go. God bless you & your family. Keep the strength.”
  • @Jennifer Becher: “I pray for peace for you. I thought the other women where so mean to you. [sic]”

What do you think about April Briney leaving Drew? Do you think the Seeking Sister Wife alum had mental issues? Did she just realize after 20 years that she made a terrible mistake with the polygamous family?

Sound off in the comments below and let us know your thoughts. Check in with TV Shows Ace often to stay in touch with news about TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife.


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  1. April is just a whiny crab that wants to give out orders and be in charge, while everyone is equal. I didn’t like her from day one. I feel sorry for the kids because we know she will fill their heads full of twisted lies

    1. Really? How many women did your husband move into your home after you had been married for years? Did your husband decide this was his religion and changed everything you thought would be after you gave him a family? Auralee was an instigator and I am certain both Angela and Auralee are thrilled at April’s fleeing. Has it even occurred to you that the fact that April had to flee, leaving all her belongings behind was proof of an abusive relationship. The fact that Drew lied to the sheriff’s office to get her arrested and the kids taken from her further proof of how serious this escape was?

  2. These guys are a joke…..God wants us to be married to one person only…..all the guys on this show need a reality check…..

  3. I believe any of these woman who follow this type of life have to have something mentally and emotionally wrong with them. No woman in their right mind should ever agree to their husband adding another “wife” to their family. He’s just wanting another piece of a** to sleep with. It’s not for the Bible tells me so. It’s his own selfishness. They all need to seek counseling and look inside for inner strength and peace and kick these dudes to the curb. Ridiculous shows and desperate women.

  4. I’m glad she got out and took her kids with her. I don’t see any of these shows about polygamy portraying this lifestyle as healthy. I hope we see more and more of these women and their children getting out.

  5. When Drew and April married they did not have a plural life style. It was after many years of marriage and children that Drew wanted to convert to this life style. I think April always made it clear it wasn’t her idea.

  6. My heart aches for April and her children. I too had to run away from an emotionally abusive marriage with two kids in tow and a bag of clothes, leaving behind my home and everything in it. It is extremely difficult and courageous for any mother to do that, and I commend her for that because I’m sure she agonized over her decision for a long time and would have done things differently if she had a choice.

  7. The other 2 ‘wives’ treated April terribly. I always felt bad for her; the rest of the family sort of ganged up on her. Glad she was able to leave and get her kids out of an unhealthy relationship. I hope she was able to move on.

  8. April appeared selfish, bossy, and reminded me of a child throwing a tantrum every time she didn’t get her way. They will be better off without her.

    1. April was in an abusive relationship where Angela and Auralee ganged up on her repeatedly. Drew didn’t have the balls to keep his new wives in check and always sided with the young ones who were still giving him babies. How many women do you share your husband with? Before you say April chose this lifestyle, just know she did not, it was forced on her and she had to flee without her belongings to escape it.

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