‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Bernie McGee Wants A New Wife But Is Paige Ready For It?

Seeking Sister Wife: Paige - Bernie McGee

Seeking Sister Wife brings a new couple in Season 2, Paige and Bernie McGee. Bernie wants a new wife but Paige, who says she’s up for it certainly seems to have reservations. In the sneak peeks, we see some hesitation. While Bernie feels he’s ready for, it and doesn’t want to hurt her, she suffers from jealousy issues. On top of that, their home burnt down so the couple and their two sons live in a small mobile camper.

Seeking Sister Wife presents a torn Paige

Paige and Bernie obviously love each other deeply. E! News carried a sneak peek of the couple, and they do agree that they both feel ready to find another wife. However, Paige looks cautious and even Bernie says he saw that in her eyes. They did try courting a new wife before but it simply didn’t work out. While Bernie feels that was the fault of Paige’s family for talking about it and suggesting he already had intimacy, Paige disagreed. She felt that her family never swayed her. Actually, she said that she took responsibility for her own jealousy issues.

On Seeking Sister Wife, Bernie’s ready to try and court again, but even though he asks Paige nicely if she’s ready, and she says she is, it comes across as rather unconvincing. Paige suffers from the most common issue in plural marriages. She can’t stop her head from thinking about the intimate side. Even Christine Brown of the Sister Wives show admits to that problem in the preview of her new TLC season. Paige thinks a new sister wife brings a best friend but going beyond that might be insurmountable for her.

Will Paige ever be ready for Bernie McGee’s second wife?

Right now, predicting whether Paige gets over her jealousy and ever accepts Bernie’s new woman cannot be done with any accuracy. However, as the season progresses, no doubt TLC reveals very much more. In the meantime, this seems the type of story that brings fans to the show and keeps them there. Potentially, the couple could keep social media busy for months to come.

Bernie comes across with a gentle and caring manner, very unlike Colton Winder who also stars on the Seeking Sister Wife show. In the main trailer for the season, we see Colton saying that he wants another wife “because he believes it’s God will for our family.” Later, he says if they “follow the will of the Lord, the family will grow.” It all seems to be very much about what he wants, rather than how Tami feels. On Bernie’s side, he really seems to genuinely not wish to hurt Paige and tries rather nicely to get her to buy into the idea. Whether she does or not seems very uncertain. This is a woman who looks to say one thing, but her facial expressions say something else.

A new wife seems to make Paige feel insecure

For people who live outside of plural families, feeling insecure about your man bringing in another woman’s a given certainty. In fact, they recoil at the thought of competing for intimate affection. However, fundamentalist couples believe that they should. While we don’t know from TLC’s press release if they are fundamentalists, this is possible. Could Paige feel conflicted and torn between love for her man and her faith in what God wills for them? If she does allow a new woman in, she’ll be jealous. If she doesn’t, will she feel she’s standing in the way of God’s will? That’s certainly not a good place emotionally.

Seeking Sister Wife premieres Sunday, 10 p.m. on TLC. Are you looking forward to the new season to watch Paige and Bernie McGee search for a new wife? Could you deal with that situation? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. Paige is certifiably insane. One has only to see what goes on in the SSW page run by John Azzarelli and the McGees to be sure of that. She spews lie after lie after lie posts her ramblings and then attacks deletes and blocks, when that isn’t enough she sics crazy John on everybody, and “it is not a democracy” and his ridiculous attacks and insults according to him he is “menstruating” the people he doesn’t block leave in droves, whose idea was it to have this nut job on the show, and I assure you crazy Paige and Horny Bernie will never have a sister wife.. ever.

    1. First of all Bernie will never find anyone else, because Paige will never allow it. Bernie needs to watch the show where Paige & Brandi were having their conversation and how Paige destroyed the weekend. Paige directly tells Brandi that it’s going to be her way. Even folding the towels, Paige says they have to be folded her way. If Bernie was to watch the actual conversation he would see whonactually destroyed the weekend. I could see Bernie happier with Brandi than he is with Paige. He better love and be content with Paige, because shes a “Wolf in sheeps clothing”, and is never going to be accepting of another women coming into their relationship. She means “all” the cutting things she says, then does what a person with “duel” personalities always does. They are Never wrong, “Oh I didnt mean it that way” “she didnt give me a chance” To them, everyone else is wrong, they are ALWAYS Right.
      *Now if these couples would do the right thing, according to the Bibles teaching on marriage. Even the Morman church doesn’t teach poligomy as being right!

      1. I agree with you that Paige plays the victim very well and Brandy was right to leave as Paige needs everything done her way only. Heck, I fold my towels differently every time I put them away…didn’t know there was a wrong way to do it!

  2. I wouldn’t go as far to call Paige insane. That is a bit harsh to say the least. Also, to say they will never find another wife is not you place to state either. They will find someone they both can click with Bernie is extremely good looking and Paige is a sweetheart. Any women in this life style would be on the defensive when a woman is attempting to attach themselves to her family. Yes I may not be married but if I was to allow another women into my family not only just my husband but also into my children’s life. I’d surly be checking all facts.

  3. I personally feel that Paige simply wants her 15 minutes of ‘fame’. I Dont believe for a MOMENT that she wants a Sister Wife….She is Extremely Jealous (Hey-I would be too) BUT I wouldn’t go on National TV JUST TO BE ON TV -Which is the vibe I’ve gotten from her since day one!

    1. How sad that Paige sabotaged what they could have had with Brandy, but it is NOT right that she can sit there after doing it and play the victim. I hope that Bernie realizes she doesn’t really want this, and doesn’t keep looking. It’s not fair to their kids or the person they end up hurting…

  4. Paige loves her husband and wants to live the bible word for word. There’s lots of stuff in there about only “cleaving unto one woman,” however. She needs to find those passages quick, before her marriage is just a distant memory.

    1. Down the road IF Paige submits to Bernie having another wife – they will divorce. She is too jealous and I would be too. I feel bad for these people. I keep thinking they Surely don’t believe this is the will of God. They must not READ the Word enough. It is one thing to pray – think about it – and not actually study the Word. The Word is Jesus. The Word is Gods way of speaking to you and me. It is hard for me to think they really study Gods Word and remain in this lifestyle.

    2. Paige will never accept another woman and Bernie just wants more sex the best thing she can do is give him more sex to shut him up this style of life is not right by any means they have waited a long time to start this kind of life

  5. I believe some people truly believe it is biblical. I don’t personally think it is.
    But Paige was the one who announced Bernie was supposed to take another wife.
    However they may have figured out a way they could make money!
    Kody and his four wives seem to truly live and breathe plural marriage. Even if they did not get paid.

  6. Bernie is not a true polygamist! He’s just a fat horny guy, using polygamy to get him some more lovin (as he puts it) Paige has NO business trying to be someone it is so obvious that she NOT!

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