Busby Girls From ‘Outdaughtered’ Take First Trip To Disneyland: Check Out Their Video

Busby girls at Disneyland

Outdaughtered, took to YouTube with a new Vlog, to share their Disneyland trip. It isn’t their first family outing. They have been to Hawaii and various other destinations. They were a bit worried about Parker Busby on this trip, especially her riding the rides, but she handled it like a champ. She was a cheerful girl exiting the rides, jumping up and down showing how excited she was for every single experience.

Each girl received a special “first” visit button to celebrate their time in Disneyland, also the quintuplets were adorable wearing their matching pink Minnie Mouse shirts. Aurora was the first princess they got to see on their magical trip followed by Ariel along with seeing Princess Tiana. It is every girls’ dream come true when visiting Disneyland. Blayke and the quintuplets captured the moments with all the princesses with photographs along with autographs. The girls were excited to see Peter Pan. You can check it all out in the video that Adam and Danielle Busby of Outdaughtered shared.

What is Disneyland without the teacup ride? Adam Busby enjoyed the Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland ride, moreover, the Busby family were able to ride all together in the boat. Usually, they have to ride separately. Pluto was even there to give out hugs. Meeting Mickey Mouse in his house was one of the Busby girls’ favorite experiences. Blayke and her sisters were able to spend some time with Mickey one on one.

The light show with Buzz light year, shooting the light guns was a magical time for the whole family. Adam Busby was absolutely impressed with Blayke and riding Space Mountain. Even though she didn’t like the ride, Adam was glad she experienced the ride because father and daughter experienced the magical ride together. They had a blast on Space Mountain, despite Blayke feeling a bit shaken up afterward.

The characters and the enchanting rides made the trip to California worth wild for the Busby family. Adam and Danielle were so glad they took the girls to Disneyland for the life experience. They ended their first YouTube Vlog with the Busby clan at the airport petting an adorable puppy. Adam Busby speaks fondly of the experience in Disneyland with loving memories. He ends the Vlog with these following words;

“California was good to us and hopefully we’ll be back soon.”

Stay tuned for more Vlog episodes on YouTube of Outdaughtered, to see what is happening with the Busby quintuplets and family.

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