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Chanel Adams is addicted to reality TV. She's been writing about entertainment and pop culture since 2006-07. When she's not always writing about TV topics, she creates dynamic blog posts and long-form content for SaaS and marketing companies.
Todd and Julie Chrisley feel “unfairly targeted” and “ripped apart.” The come hasn’t come to grips with their future. The Chrisley Knows Best alums still doesn’t understand why they were given a harsh sentence. They’re hoping that justice will prevail. Keep reading to learn more. Todd & Julie Chrisley justice will prevail Insiders spoke to
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Carson Daly’s scandalous past dredges up. This comes as the television host made his big return to the Today Show. TV Shows Ace previously reported the details of his dating history and drama. Carson got entangled in some scandals over the years long before he became a family man. Keep reading on to learn more.