Emily Ratajkowski Showcases Juicy Peaches, Wears Cockroach

Emily Ratajkowski Close-Up Photo [Source: Emily Ratajkowski - Instagram]

Emily Ratajkowski showcased her juicy peaches and wore a cockroach. The model shared more sizzling photos that are rubbing her fans the wrong way. Some of them are literally grossed out.  They wonder if she has anything else to post about her life. Keep on reading to learn more and see the shots for yourself.

Emily Ratajkowski displays juicy peaches

On Friday, May 5, Emily Ratajkowski shared a carousel of photos on her Instagram feed. The first shot showed her displaying her juicy peaches. Emily had her back to the camera. She wore a bright green jersey that read “Sky High” on the back. It had yellows and purples in it.

Emily popped her booty out from underneath the jersey. Her bottom was perfectly perky. It sat upright on its own. The model paired her look with a pair of black thong bottoms. Her wet dark brown hair fell down her back.

Emily Ratajkowski Rocks Full-On Glam [Source: Emily Ratajkowski - Instagram]
[Source: Emily Ratajkowski – Instagram]
In another shot, Emily smoldered into the camera. She had a serious expression on her face. Her tan glowed in the photo shoot. She wore a tan suede jacket with a white cut-out shirt. She also had a matching white barrette in her hair. Her signature dark brown hair was slicked back.

Emily Ratajkowski flashed her groomed brows, lined eyes, and nude lips. She also teased a glimpse at the freckles on her face. In the third shot, Emily shocked fans with a close-up of her white claw nails. Her middle finger had a realistic-looking cockroach on the tip of her nail. She also wore a green sheer skirt over brown jeans.

The “Blurred Lines” model also shared black-and-white shots from her latest shoot. She wore a white button-down embellished shirt with a black T-shirt and matching micro shorts. Emily also posed topless in just a pair of jeans. She cradled her breast with her hands as she gave her best model face.

EmRata rubs fans the wrong way

Emily Ratajkowski captioned the shots with the following emojis: “🍑🪳✨❤️‍🔥” However, most fans were horrified by the shots for different reasons. Some of them were tired of her sexy content, while others were grossed out by the bee on her hand. Here are some of the comments:

  • “Who wears a cockroach as a nail design?? You must not truly get how disgusting they are.”
  • “Dude, I love you but is there anything else u can post other than t*ts and a**. Are u desperate for attention or trying to make money or both??”
  • “You just made a big stink about being ‘digestible’ to Hollywood men and a piece of meat. Yeah, they are the problem.”

What are your thoughts on Emily Ratajkowski showcasing her juicy peaches on Instagram? What do you think of her manicure? Do you think it’s too much? Sound off below in the comment section.

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