‘Bachelorette’ Charity Lawson Reveals Next Big Career Move

Charity Lawson/Credit: Instagram

Bachelorette Charity Lawson opened up about her future as she shared news about her next big career move. Keep reading for all the details.

Bachelorette Fans Rave Over Charity Lawson & Trista Sutter Collab

Charity Lawson hasn’t let an opportunity pass her by since her time on The Bachelorette. Her fiance, Dotun Olubeko, was the first to tell her at the After The Final Rose special that she was a contestant on Season 32 of Dancing With The Stars.

She came in fourth placed and joined the DWTS Live Tour earlier this year. Since the tour ended, she’s been globetrotting with Dotun and planning their upcoming wedding.

Charity Lawson and Dotun Olubeko/Credit: Instagram
Charity Lawson and Dotun Olubeko/Credit: Instagram

Jenn Tran’s season of The Bachelorette kicked off on Monday, July 8, and viewers got a huge treat with appearances from Charity and the first-ever Bachelorette, Trista Sutter.

Charity and Sutter appeared in an ad for the iconic Maybelline makeup brand, famous for the slogan “Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline.”

Charity Lawson’s social media followers agreed that Charity was born with beauty and talent. Could she become a full-time brand ambassador? After all, her followers were encouraging her to get that coin.


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Charity Lawson Reveals Next Big Career Move

Before she was a reality TV star, Charity Lawson was a child and family therapist. She holds a Master degree in Education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

During a recent Instagram Q&A, a follower asked if Charity planned to return to her old career. The DWTS alum responded that she was glad someone asked her about this.

She shared that she doesn’t like to feel “restless” as if she isn’t contributing anything to society. So, she does plan to return to her old career this year. However, it will only be part-time and she noted that it will be very different now that she’s such a famous face.

But that doesn’t mean she won’t continue being a social media influencer. Charity said she plan to juggle her career in mental health counseling and her other passions.

Charity plans on going back to counseling part time
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One of those passions includes marrying Dotun Olubeko. She revealed earlier this year that they are eyeing a fall 2025 date and have already started planning. Coincidentally, that’s also around the time Bachelor star Zach Shallcross and Katy Biggar plan to wed.

Viewers first met Charity when she was a contestant on Zach’s season. But it’s not awkward between them. Zach, Kaity, Dotun, and Charity all went on a vacation to Hawaii, along with her other ex, Joey Graziadei and his fiance Kelsey Anderson.

What do you think about Charity returning to her previous career? Let us know in the comments.

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