‘GMA’ Rob Marciano MIA On Social Media After Being Fired

Rob Marciano - YouTube/Good Morning America

Rob Marciano has gone radio silent on social media. The anchor was recently fired from Good Morning America and to add insult to injury, his ex-wife, Eryn, is flaunting her new boyfriend online. So, where in the world is Rob, and what’s going on with him? Here’s everything we know.

Why Did Rob Marciano Get Fired From ABC?

The New York Post was the first news outlet to report on Rob’s firing. According to their sources, he was let go from ABC for “anger management issues.” Apparently, multiple people on the ABC staff have complained about Rob over the years.

Prior to being fired, Rob Marciano was actually banned from the Good Morning America studios in New York last March. He was forced to report from other locations for a while due to “making a female colleague uncomfortable.”

The GMA anchor was officially let go from ABC in April and his departure was announced to the public on April 30.

It was bad news for people who were fans of Rob. Since then, he hasn’t made any public appearances and has laid low. The former Good Morning America star last updated his Instagram page four days before he was fired.

Rob Marciano [Source YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
The 56-year-old’s last post was a video he was tagged in by ABC World News Tonight. He reported on storm damage in Shreveport, Louisiana alongside David Muir.

Instagram isn’t the only place the former GMA anchor has gone missing either. His last post on X was a retweet from ABC News on April 28, two days before it was announced that he was fired.

Fans have been reaching out to Rob Marciano through the comment section on social media. Several people have shown concern for the former GMA star.

One person asked, “What happened to Rob?” Others reached out and told Rob that they missed seeing him on television and social media. “Hope you are well,” another person commented.

Rob’s Wife Flaunts New Relationship Online

While Rob has been MIA on social media, his ex-wife Eryn has been online flaunting her new man. She posted a selfie as her boyfriend, Mike, kissed her on the cheek.

Eryn captioned the snapshot, “Birthday trip has officially started.” The pair were on an airplane and wearing matching shirts to kick off their trip.

Then, on July 3, she shared another post including Mike. They brought her kids, 12-year-old Madelynn and 6-year-old Mason, to Legoland in New York.

The foursome appeared to enjoy various activities around the theme park. In one photo, Mason could be seen sitting on Mike’s shoulders.

Rob Marciano With Kids [Rob Marciano | Instagram]
[Rob Marciano | Instagram]
Eryn shares her two children with Rob Marciano. They were married from 2010 until 2023.

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  1. Rob Marciano was the Best part of Good Morning America, I left watching Today for GMA just to enjoy Rob Marciano’s segments…NEVER COULD STAND THAT SNOTTY WOMAN who took over but I waited for Mr.Marciano to return….I’m now back watching Today- another big Deal female firing Diva on here I guess it’s the way these days…To the a Big Shot female on GMA, You should be ashamed of Yourself after Rob stood in blizzards and floods doing the weather for GMA while you sat around and drank Your coffee while thinking up ways to get rid of talented men…

    1. Sad to see him go. Unfortunately jobs don’t fire you, you fire yourself. This industry is not like retail. It takes talent and a special knack so to be fired doesn’t just happen because replacements are as easy to find as one would imagine. There has to be chemistry with coworkers and the audience. Rob’s firing sad as it was is not something done just for the hell of it. He was treated the way any of would have been treated if we did this at our job. Perhaps this will be a lesson for him and he will get the help he needs and return back to broadcasting.

  2. Let the man alone. He has losses, and doesn’t want to be bothered. Or attacked on social media. I hope he gets employment soon

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