How Does ‘Deadliest Catch’ Keith Colburn Cope With Stress?

Keith Colburn - Deadliest Catch - Discovery Channel

Deadliest Catch Captain Keith Colburn seems volatile and he often yells at his rookies on F/V Wizard. Given the danger of the crabbing industry in the Bering Sea, that’s understandable. Known for his short fuse, how does he keep the stress levels down? And, is the Discovery Channel star thinking of retiring any time soon?

Keith Colburn Has Some Bad Experiences At Sea

In Season 20, F/V Wizard had a fire on board, which is a frightening situation at sea. The fishing captain who joined the Discovery Channel show early always maintains that the show is not a reality TV show and that what viewers see is the real deal. But, the irascible fisherman had more than one scary experience.

Deadliest Catch Keith Colburn
Keith Colburn of F/V Wizard – Discovery

Keith Colburn first appeared on the show a long time ago, and the OG had more than one brush with death on Deadliest Catch. In 2021, Discovery Channel viewers saw him ranting as he nearly collided with another vessel. Notably, it was not his fault, and his frantic calls on the radio went unnoticed. Life is easily lost at sea, and he knows that very well. So stress levels are high.

Coping With Stress On The Deadliest Catch

At sixty, many people who held a steady job are considering retiring. But, according to Distractify, Keith has no plans for that just yet. In 2021, they cited him as talking about how hard it is to keep fishing as the crabs move north due to “climate change.” He’s a believer, and the Discovery Channel captain sees the scarcity of crabs each season.

Deadliest Catch - YouTube, Discovery Australia
Deadliest Catch – YouTube, Discovery Australia

Keith Colburn is not ready to step away from the sea despite the dangers and hardships of the job. A few years ago, he said:

Well, I’m definitely thinking about [retiring,] but then you leave town. And it’s beautiful, it’s back home, and look at the stars, you set your gear, awesome fishing. You can’t take that away from me right now.

Deadliest Catch fans once saw him so stressed that he coped by knocking on bobbleheads that he kept all over his boat. On another occasion, his sea-going superstition had him spitting his chewing tobacco in a “Cup O’ Noodles bowl.” Never forget the noodles! The Discovery Channel star attributed that to bad luck

While that might not seem effective to de-stress, it works for him. Of course, superstition ranks high at sea. Whatever it takes, he’s determined to continue working with F/V Wizard as long as he can.

What are your thoughts about Keith Colburn not yet being ready to retire from the dangerous job of fishing in the Bering Sea? Are you surprised about the way he copes with the stress? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and come back here for all your Deadliest Catch news.

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