‘Deadliest Catch’ F/V Wizard Fire Shakes Keith Colburn

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Keith Colburn always claimed that Deadliest Catch on Discovery Channel is a documentary rather than a reality TV show, so a fire on F/V Wizard in Season 20 might not have just been for drama. However, some critics seem skeptical.

Keith Colburn Had Emergencies At Sea

Ahead of Season 20, Captain Sig Hansen talked about how his greatest fear is the weather in the Bering Sea. However, other dangers need constant attention. One of those is fire. Despite the cold conditions, fire on board a vessel can be a serious hazard to lives and the viability of the crabbing business.

Deadliest Catch Keith Colburn
Keith Colburn of F/V Wizard barks out orders. – Discovery

Keith Colburn once faced a scary situation when he ended up on a collision course with another vessel. So, there are navigation scares. Then, illness can become a problem as well. In 2021, Keith had a medical emergency. Fortunately, his brother Monte Colburn was there to take over the vessel. At the time, F/V Wizard was 200 miles off Russia, and there was no place to go for help. In the latest season, the Discovery Channel show revealed a scary fire.

Deadliest Catch Fire Aboard F/V Wizard

A teaser for the premiere revealed that Season 20 of Deadliest Catch brings competition, danger, and injury. One of the scariest moments came when deckhand Tyler was below deck. The fire in the bow of F/V Wizard had started and the deckhand was in danger. Naturally, when they discovered it, the crew rushed to extinguish the flames.

Fire aboard VF Wizard - Deadliest Catch - Discovery Channel - YouTube
Fire aboard VF Wizard – Deadliest Catch – Discovery Channel – YouTube

Keith Colburn’s crew oversaw the rescue of the deckhand and the extinguishing of the fire. But for a bit, it was touch and go. 750 miles from the nearest medical facility isn’t a good situation to be in. After the incident, the captain understandably felt very shaken.

Too Scripted To Be True?

Some Deadliest Catch viewers think that over the years, the show became quite scripted for drama. So, some skeptics wondered if the fire was real. Others wondered if the injury aboard another vessel was real as well. On X, one fan felt that the crew didn’t seem to be as worried as they should have been.

Here are some other reactions to Keith Colburn and the FV Wizard after the fire:

  • Fire was real, but fake it as real situation for TV!
  • Yeah the hip ‘injury’ is definitely staged. The father saying ‘get her back on deck’ it’s all staged and ruining the show.
  • …all the fake crap seriously degrades the quality. Please grow up already and treat your audience like intelligent human beings. I have a hard time buying any of it…Once you start faking one storyline, it makes me start questioning the entire premise. Was that hip injury faked too?

What are your thoughts about the fire aboard F/V Wizard in the premiere of the Discovery Channel show? Do you agree it must have been terrifying? Or, do you think it was scripted drama for the show? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Deadliest Catch news.

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