‘Deadliest Catch’ Fans Talk Revelations On Anniversary Show

Deadliest Catch aired its 20th-anniversary special last week, bringing fans a full episode of highlights and behind-the-scenes footage. With 20 years of the show’s history, it seems almost like a one-hour episode (45 minutes after commercials) wasn’t enough.

However, fans saw several things in that episode that both shocked them and left them wanting more. Here is what you need to know.

Fans Talk Deadliest Catch 20th Anniversary

Discovery Channel played a 20th-anniversary special for the hit reality TV series Deadliest Catch. After the episode aired, fans took to Reddit to talk about what was shown, and they had some big ideas about what was shown — and what was left out.

Fishing Vessel Saga - Deadliest Catch -Discovery Channel - X
Fishing Vessel Saga – Deadliest Catch -Discovery Channel – X

In the Reddit thread, the OP listed several things that they said were great to see on Deadliest Catch. They mentioned that there is a “trove of unseen footage” that they can release one day. One example is that they thought there would be “videos of Todd Stanley filming Phil Harris until his death,”

They also talked about quite a few things they discovered thanks to the anniversary special. The OP said it looks like Sig quit smoking. They were also impressed with Bill boating while undergoing prostate cancer treatment. The poster also sounded surprised to hear that two people went overboard from the Northwestern.

On the bad side, they mentioned that they were shocked that no one had sued Keith yet, thanks to his “volatile and physically aggressive” personality. They also said they wished the anniversary episode had brought back more people from the past, but they guessed it would cause them to discuss things they wanted to stay buried.

They finished up by saying that there was enough for two hours, and they wished that were the case.

Fans Chime In On Anniversary Episode

This brought up a lot of thoughts about the Deadliest Catch 20th anniversary episode.

Bill Wichrowski - Deadliest Catch - YouTube
Bill Wichrowski – Deadliest Catch – YouTube

Here is a sampling of what fans had to say about the episode:

  • “Sorta reminded me of how good the show used to be before it adopted the ‘real housewives’/social inclusion mantra”
  • “To be fair tho Keith a dick to everyone there no wonder why he can’t keep a green horn and just look how he treat his own brother”

The Deadliest Catch 20th anniversary episode is still available to stream on the Discovery app and the series starts its historic 20th season on June 11 on Discovery Channel. Episodes air on Tuesday nights at 8/7 c.

What did you think of the Deadliest Catch 20th anniversary special? What were your favorite parts of the show? Was there something you wanted to see that wasn’t shown? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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