‘Kardashians’ Billionaire Kylie Jenner Lives Lavishly For Free?

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Does The Kardashians billionaire Kylie Jenner live lavishly for free? She can afford everything and anything she wants including a private jet. So, why would she get away with not having to pay for the finer things in life? Keep reading for all of the details about the benefits of being Kylie.

Kardashians Billionaire Kylie Jenner Lives Lavishly For Free?

Kylie Jenner is one of the top moguls in the KarJenner family. She has amassed a fortune for herself thanks to her lip kits and makeup brand. More so, she has ventured out into clothing plus Kylie and her family have been on reality television since 2007. Kylie grew up in front of the camera and her fun personality allowed her to shine. Though she took some time away when she was pregnant with her first child, Stormi, Kylie returned better than ever. She has made a name for herself away from her family as the youngest self-made billionaire which is a huge accomplishment.

Kylie Jenner-Instagram
Kylie Jenner-Instagram

Kylie’s older sister, Kim Kardashian was supposed to be the draw on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. However, Kylie created her own brand and ran with it. At the same time, despite all of the money that she has made, she is living her best life at no cost. According to In Touch Weekly, much of the things she gets to do or shows off have been comped for the mother of two. An insider shared this information:

“She went to Paris recently, and it looked like she spared no expense. But she actually didn’t have to spend a dime on anything.”

More so, Kylie Jenner allegedly made money off of this trip. Despite not needing any money and being more than capable of paying for her own trip, it was free and then some:

“In fact, she made a profit! She got paid to go to events, show up at trendy restaurants, wear specific pieces of jewelry — she was even paid to wear a certain nail polish. So while it looked like the trip cost her a fortune, she actually made money from it all.”

This is not uncommon for the family. They are constantly being sent free stuff from all different high-end brands and companies. Then, they will post the products on their social media which some fans do not understand. How come the KarJenner family can more than afford pricey items yet brands just give them away for nothing? It is because they are so immensely popular that whatever they promote will sell like wildfire.

Kris Taught Them Well

Momager Kris Jenner has been in charge of her kids’ careers for decades now. Therefore, she knows how to monetize off of them and allegedly, she is the one who taught Kylie Jenner how to get things for free. More so, she not only showed her how to get trips comped but also make money off of them in return:

“Kris taught Kylie and all of her daughters that this is big business and they should maximize their profits. They’re all rich for a reason! They’re shrewd and know they have a lot of power. Everything to them is an opportunity to make more money, even a vacation that regular people pay for themselves. It’s a little sickening but, hey, more power to them.”

Looks like it worked because these girls are traveling here, there, and everywhere with their pricey shoes, bags, and all of the free merch sent their way. They once received a free gym membership on KUWTK and Scott Disick joked that it was not like they couldn’t afford it.
Do you think it’s fair that Kylie has so much but pays for very little? Let us know your thoughts and watch The Kardashians Thursdays on Hulu.
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