Emily Maynard Shares Special Milestone Pics Of Daughter Ricki

Emily Maynard and Ricki - Instagram 1 (1)

Emily Maynard Johnson, a former Bachelorette star, raises six kids, and Ricki, the daughter of her late fiance recently celebrated a special milestone. So, her mom posted some sweet photos. Read on to see them and find out more.

Emily Maynard Shouts Out Ricki

In early June, the former ABC star announced to her Bachelorette fans that Ricki had graduated high school. Unfortunately, Ricky Hendrick, the dad of her first daughter passed away. So he wasn’t there to see the event. But her mom, and her husband, Tyler Johnson make sure that she knows she’s very special to them. You might recall that Emily didn’t end up marrying anyone from Bachelor Nation, although she had chosen Jeff Holm in Season 12.

Emily Maynard | Youtube
Emily Maynard | Youtube

Emily Maynard also proudly announced that her daughter was getting ready to attend college. She shared a photo of all the kids; Gatlin, 6, Gibson, 7, Jennings, 8, Nola,3, baby Jones, and big sister Ricki. In the text, it said that her daughter was accepted at Palm Beach Atlantic. Many Bachelorette fans loved the sweet family photo, and they agreed that Ricki had grown into a beauty.

Bachelorette Alum Posts Before & Now Photos Of Ricki

Over the weekend, the ABC mom took to her Instagram profile page and shared two photos in honor of Ricki’s 19th birthday. Both of them were shot from the back, but that didn’t make them less sweet. Actually, they clearly showed how much she’d grown. In her caption, Emily wrote:

My beautiful girl. I’ll always and forever have your back. I love you and am so proud of the person you are. Happy 19th Birthday @rickihendrickk You’re a gift to the world!

Emily Maynard and Ricki - Instagram
Emily Maynard and Ricki – Instagram

Emily Maynard and Ricki found a lot of nice reactions in the comments. In fact, some followers of the former Bachelorette became quite emotional. Here are some of the reactions:

  • I swiped and automatically started crying. Time goes so fast.
  • Hard to believe this young woman is 19! Happy Birthday!
  • we have all “watched” her grow up. Happy birthday to your sweet girl! ❤️
  • Happy 19th to Ricki! She is a gem and beautiful just like her mama.
  • And beautiful just like her momna! Why do our kids grow up so fast?😢 May she continue to go on and do great things!
  • You’re a darn good mama. You raise a great great daughter. You’ve been through a lot and God has guided you and brought you to peace in your life. I’m so proud of you, Emily.❤️

What did you think of the sweet then and now photos of Emily Maynard’s daughter, Ricki? Shout out in the comments section, and come back here often for all your Bachelorette news.

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