Jenn Tran Embraces Flaws, Breaks ‘Bachelorette’ Mold

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Bachelorette Jenn Tran says she is embracing her flaws and she thinks her journey will definitely be one of a kind. Jenn never really saw herself as the main character. Her views of how The Bachelorette should be isn’t what she felt she was. In her eyes, the season she had broke the mold. What did Jenn have to say? Keep reading to find out more.

Bachelorette Jenn Tran Breaks The Mold

Jenn Tran thinks her season really breaks the mold. She didn’t know if she would be able to be as poised and confident as the leads before her. US Weekly caught up with Jenn to get the scoop on why she feels this way. She said, “I never saw myself as the Bachelorette because, for me, the Bachelorette [is] someone who’s so confident, so poised, is articulate, can emotionally emote and can be vulnerable. I just didn’t know if I could do all that.”

She went on to say, “I never saw myself as a main character [and] I never saw myself as someone with that much confidence, and so what I really learned is that it’s not about fitting a mold of the Bachelorette. It’s about being able to just be yourself the best that you can, and that’s really what my whole journey is about — me being myself and embracing all of my flaws and everything that makes me unique.”

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Jenn went on to share that she learned a lot about herself during her journey. She also said that even if she didn’t find the one she did find a lot of self-love. 

In The Past She Didn’t Have A Voice

Jenn Tran shared that in the past she did not have a voice in her relationships. She was always trying to make the other person happy. It ultimately always led to her getting walked on and taken advantage of.

So, for her journey as The Bachelorette, Jenn really wanted to focus on doing things how she wanted. She wanted to find a relationship that was what she wanted and what she needed.

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Jenn also revealed that she does talk about her culture and background with the contestants a lot.

She teased everything leading up to the ending and including it has a lot of twists and turns that even surprised her.

Are you excited to watch Jenn’s season of The Bachelorette kick off on Monday night on ABC?

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