‘Live’ Kelly Ripa’s Husband Mark Shocks With Whole New Look

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Live With Kelly and Mark is finally back with new episodes. The daily talk show took a brief hiatus while the hosts were on vacation. However, upon his return, viewers noticed a big change in the way Mark Consuelos looks. Continue reading to see what it is and why Mark has made the change.

Mark Consuelos Sports A New Haircut Upon His Return

Shortly after Live viewers saw Kelly Ripa practically beg her husband to keep his longer hair, Mark Consuelos has chopped it all off. The actor and TV talk show host has a new buzz cut for the summer.

On the Monday, July 1 episode, he said, “Do not adjust your TV screens — yes, I got my haircut. It’s like a chinchilla!”

Then the actor admitted that he’d never actually pet a chinchilla, but “I suspect this is what it feels like,” he concluded. Mark then joked that everyone in the audience should get the opportunity to rub his head.

The Live host said that he typically gets a haircut every couple of years. He was considering cutting it earlier, but Kelly Ripa was trying to talk him into keeping it long. However, Kelly revealed that he didn’t have much of a choice in the matter.

“Yeah, I got a TV job,” Mark told the audience. “A role in a pilot, and they said, ‘Can you cut it short?’ And I said, ‘How short? … Military?’ And they said, ‘Military.’” Although he clarified that he wouldn’t be playing a military role, he didn’t provide more information than that.

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“I’ve been trying to get intel out of him,” Kelly said, admitting that she didn’t even know what role he was auditioning for. “And this is why I think we’ve been married so long, you’re so cagey about the details and that not unconvinced that you are also, like your parents, in the CIA.”

“No that’s just called being a man,” Mark joked with his wife. “‘How was work?’ ‘Good’ ‘What scenes did you shoot today?’ ‘Just stuff.’”

Kelly said that the only thing she knew about the gig was that it was being shot in Atlanta. It isn’t clear as to whether or not the new role will take Mark Consuelos away from his duties on Live or not.

Live Hosts Talk About Their Vacation To Switzerland

Prior to their return this week, Kelly and Mark were on vacation in Switzerland. It was the couple’s first time visiting the European country, but they’ve shared that their daughter Lola goes to Switzerland often.

Apparently, Kelly beat her husband to Switzerland because he was still shooting the pilot for the show in Atlanta. She revealed that she did a lot of “tourist” things before her husband arrived because he doesn’t usually like to do those activities.

Live With Kelly & Mark Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos - Instagram
Instagram/Kelly Ripa

“Hats off to the people in Switzerland. We were only in one city but it’s the cleanest. Not a piece of gum or a wrapper,” Mark told the Live audience upon their return. Kelly joked, “We were searching for dirt!”

The couple shared some photos of their trip with the audience before continuing with Monday’s episode.

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