‘Mama June’ Anna Cardwell’s Last Days On Earth Reveal Truth About Family?

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Did Anna Cardwell’s last days on Earth reveal the truth about her family? It seemed that they all came together in her time of crisis. At least that is what was shown on Mama June: Family Crisis. So, did this give a new perspective as to who they really are, or are fans still torn? Keep reading for more details.

Mama June Anna Cardwell’s Last Days On Earth Reveal Truth About Family?

Anna Cardwell being diagnosed with cancer was extremely shocking and heartbreaking. Yet, Mama June and Justin Stroud did their best to be in Georgia for whatever she needed. The biggest issue was that June and Pumpkin could not convince Anna to see she needed to plan ahead. Sadly, Anna took a turn faster than anyone expected and everyone had to rush to say their goodbyes. Mama June noted that, though they knew it was coming, no one could prepare you for that moment.

Anna Cardwell-YouTube
Anna Cardwell-YouTube

Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson rushed home from school, taking her finals early. Anna’s husband, dad, and grandma were with her as were her sisters and brother-in-law. Jessica Shannon’s girlfriend, Shyann McCant was there as a comfort for Anna’s eldest daughter, Kaitlyn and then, she was gone. It was mentioned by many, not just June, how Justin was amazing with Anna, giving her meds day and night. So, did this show the true and real side of the family when they faced a different sort of crisis?

A Reddit thread was started where the OP stated they saw the family get a lot of hate. However, after seeing how Pumpkin and Josh Efird took Alana in on the show, they were impressed. They also added they don’t follow the family’s socials so they don’t know much more. So, what did others have to say?

  • The show crafts the exact opposite image of what these people actually are- sleazebags of the highest order.
  • They are totally different than on the show. They can’t keep up with their own lies.
  • When I only watched the show I loved Pumpkin. Her getting a tik tok completely ruined it for me.

Wait, There’s More

Viewers understood why the OP was so jaded as they only saw what editors and production wanted people to see. Pumpkin and Josh Efird taking Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson, raising her, and seeing her off to an amazing college with a scholarship. Yet, a short time ago, it came out that Alana went to live with her older boyfriend, Dralin Carswell when she was just sixteen. Furthermore, someone who claims to know the family spoke up in the thread. They said that all they do is lie and are nothing like they portray on television. Fans also cannot stand their behavior on TikTok and how abusive they are toward their children.

In the end, it may have been a beautiful and tear-jerking send-off for Anna but was it just a great edit? Fans may never know. Do you think the family came together for Anna or was it all staged? Let us know and watch Mama June: Family Crisis Fridays on WeTV.

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