‘Mama June’ Justin Stroud Shows Incredible Kindness In Anna’s Dying Days

Justin Stroud-YouTube

Mama June’s husband, Justin Stroud has shown incredible kindness in Anna Cardwell’s dying days. In the Friday, June 28th episode of Family Crisis, the family gathered as it was nearing the end for Anna. Yet, what really stood out was what a rock Justin was for everyone, especially Anna. Keep reading to see what people had to say about his immense strength and kind heart.

Mama June Justin Stroud Shows Incredible Kindness In Anna’s Dying Days

After Anna Cardwell passed, there had been a lot of talk about how amazing Mama June’s husband, Justin Stroud had been. Some fans did not necessarily believe it because the family does show one side of themselves on Family Crisis and another on social media. In the second half of the season, Anna’s health was deteriorating fast due to her cancer. Therefore, the family was doing all that they could to make her final days the best days. Since it was unclear and unlikely she would make it to Christmas 2023, her sisters decided to do it early. Pumpkin and Jessica Shannon planned it all out and all June had to do was cook.

Anna Cardwell-YouTube
Anna Cardwell-YouTube

Sadly, things turned faster than anyone could have imagined and the holiday would not happen. As everyone was coming in and out of June and Justin’s home to say goodbye to Anna, June made one thing clear. She shared how amazing Justin had been as was there to give Anna her morning and evening meds. Clearly, there was nothing that he would not do to make sure she was as comfortable as possible. Fans noticed Justin’s kindness and a Reddit thread was started. The OP wrote:

  • Mama June finally picked a man who has compassion for her daughters and actually cares… that last episode heart wrenching.. Justin taking care of Anna and showing such love and kindness.. Im blown away.

Followers even headed to Justin Stroud’s Facebook page to compliment him:

  • As tears stream my face.. Thank you for taking care of Anna and the family
  • Justin you are a good man!
  •  you have came into this family and made them better

Saying Goodbye

In the latest episode of Family Crisis, Anna Cardwell passed away at the very end. It was a tearjerker but luckily, Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson was able to make it home in time to say goodbye. She had finals in Colorado but was able to talk to her professors and get them done early. Everyone was heartbroken as the hospice nurse said it would not be long before Anna was gone. Her eldest daughter, Kaitlyn, sought solace in Pumpkin and Jessica Shannon’s girlfriend, Shyann McCant. No matter what anyone thinks of this family, they came together and said goodbye together. That was a beautiful thing.

Do you see Justin Stroud differently after knowing how well he handled and took care of Anna? Let us know your thoughts and watch Family Crisis Fridays on WeTV.

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  1. I have liked Justin even before Anna’s death. He is so good to the kids and tries to keep June in line which is a job! She better keep him because he is a jewel. He has a heart of gold and is good to his Mother. Yes he has had addiction problems in the past but has over come that. Justin your the MAN!

    1. I am still crying after watching last week’s episode. it was wonderful to see the family put their differences aside to comfort “Chickadee”. I truly hope June does not gain custody of Anna’s eldest daughter. I hope that maybe Jessica and her fiancee can procure a larger home so that they can become legal guardians.

      Sidebar – for the haters, please show at least a modicum of respect for the family.

  2. I know it was hard on all of them to loose Anna, but they used her death to boost ratings!!!! It was sad, but even more sad that this family will do anything to keep themselves on tv. This show is scripted, all the drama, fighting, it’s all for show. I gave up on watching this show when June hooked up with Geno and drugs. sad to glorify a couple of druggies. but it’s my opinion, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    1. To see them go through this was hard, and to me to televise it hadcto be even harder not only for them, but for those who have lost a love one. My Cousin lost her daughter to Cancer 3 years ago and is a Fan of the show but she couldn’t watch.

    2. yes I agree. watching Kaitlyn sobbing in everyone’s arms, that should NOT have been filmed! I understand that it is a reality show and that every little aspect is filmed and that they sign up for this, but there should be exceptions when it comes to a sad death like that and a little girl’s heart breaking over losing the one person in the world who is the most meaningful to her

  3. I knew the episode of that beautiful young woman, losing her brave battle with cancer, was going to be heartbreaking and utterly devastating. I cried so much, just wanting to hug the family and especially Justin. June doesn’t pick very good men and I read a lot of unkind things about her new husband. I liked him from the very beginning and for him to realize who he thought June was, he stood up like a real man and made her be a mother to her children just in time for Justin and June, to be taken care of Anna and get her grandchildren taken care of. May Anna rest in eternal peace and my sincere condolences to Mama June and her family. I love this family and good days are ahead, with prayers.

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