Harry Jowsey Gets Dirty, Hits ‘Bachelor’ Nick Viall Below Belt

Harry Jowsey and Nick Viall from YouTube

Netflix star Harry Jowsey isn’t the most popular figure in the world of reality TV at the moment. And now, it seems like he’s picking fights with Bachelor Nation’s Nick Viall.

What exactly did Nick say to set Harry off? Get the scoop here and see what others are saying about the reality stars at the moment.

Harry Jowsey Lashes Out At Nick Viall Online

Harry Jowsey first rose to international fame on Too Hot To Handle. Since then, he’s appeared on a wide variety of platforms. Most recently, he starred on Netflix’s Perfect Match.

Right now, the internet is buzzing about Harry’s horrific behavior on the show. Nick Viall is among them. But apparently, Harry isn’t about to take the jabs lying down.

Harry Jowsey from Instagram
Harry Jowsey/Instagram

“Harry Jowsey calls out Natalie cheating on Nick Viall,” a Reddit user shared on the platform, uploading a screenshot from Instagram.

“Mate [you’re] getting roasted by @nickviall you should go on his podcast and do an interview,” one Instagram user told Harry.

“He can’t keep my d*ck out of his mouth,” the Netflix star shot back. “50 year old man gossiping about people in their 20’s dating, he should be more focused on his wife cheating on him and repairing that then worrying about me.”

“He’s making bank commenting on you,” the Instagram user replied. “I’ve heard the rumors but haven’t seen any proof.”

Screenshot from bubbles3312 on Reddit

Redditors React To The Netflix Star’s Comments

Naturally, other Reddit users had plenty to say about Harry’s comments. Redditors wrote:

  • Deflection……Surprised he didn’t sprinkle in Nick’s daughter’s name. Gaslighting by way of children is his thing right?”
  • Not a Nick or Natalie defender but if perfect match taught us anything it’s that Harry Jowsey will straight up lie lie lie about irrefutable events even when surrounded by cameras. So. 🤷🏼‍♀️.”
  • Okay am [I] the only one who thinks Harry Jowsey is absolute trash, even in this situation. Sooooo cringe to watch on Perfect Match and so anything he says is just like gross. Nick bothered me a lot when he was on The Bachelor, but from some reason I like his podcast!”
  • “I‘m not a giant fan of Nick Viall or Natalie but honestly Harry just sounds bitter. Did Natalie cheat? Sounds probable, but Harry is only calling it out because his poor actions are up on display. Harry went on a TV show knowing the criticism that would come from that. Nick and Natalie have a podcast where they talk about those TV shows. It’s their job to talk about it”

What do you think of Harry Jowsey’s comments? Where is this feud with Nick Viall headed? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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