Harry Jowsey Did More Damage To His Already Bad Reputation, How?

Harry Jowsey from Instagram

Harry Jowsey is one reality television star with an incredibly poor public reputation.

Fans first met him in the premiere season of Too Hot To Handle. Since then, he went on to become and internet celebrity and appear on numerous other reality shows, including Dancing With The Stars and Perfect Match.

After each appearance, Harry Jowsey leaves a string of heartbreak and explosive drama behind him.

Now that Perfect Match Season 2 is over, show host Nick Lachey thinks Harry only worsened his reputation.

Harry Jowsey Tarnished His Own Reputation On Perfect Match

Harry Jowsey joined the cast of Perfect Match in hopes of finding his dream partner. While he made a connection with castmate Jessica Vestal, it wasn’t meant to be. She broke up with Harry over his immature behavior and wandering eye.


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Despite Harry’s bad behavior, Nick Lachey formed a bond with him.

“I really genuinely like Harry a lot. It was almost impossible to dislike [him], he’s just a charming, charming dude,” Nick shared with PEOPLE. “But he really did come into the show saying that he was a changed manĀ and wanted to be a changed man, and he wanted to shed kind of the reputation that he had had leading up [to his time] onĀ Perfect Match.”

Harry Jowsey from Instagram
Harry Jowsey/Instagram

“And unfortunately, I think he just did nothing but solidify the reputation that he had,” the host added. Nick also stated he was vaguely aware of the drama brewing between Harry and Jess Vestal as filming continued.

“It’s hard to be impartial with these things, and honestly, I try not to pick favorites … and stay completely out of it,” the former boy band singer continued. “But I personally had an interest in Jessica’s story because I knew her fromĀ Love Is Blind. And I remember her specifically when she told Vanessa that she had a daughter and she was looking for love, and her daughter was hopeful that she would find him.”

Nick Lachey shared that he sincerely hoped Jess would find her happily ever after. Sadly, she was dealt a very poor hand.

Jess Vestal Called Out His Bad Behavior

Before the explosive ending, Jess Vestal tried to put Harry in his place. She called him out for heavily flirting with Melinda Melrose. But in the season finale, cameras picked up audio of the two sharing a kiss.

After all his dramatic television appearances, it seems like Harry has a lot of self-reflection and work to do before he can be in a committed relationship.

Did you enjoy Perfect Match Season 2? What did you think of Harry Jowsey’s actions on the show? Don’t forget to share your own thoughts and opinions in the comments.

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